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Hindi ko alam, pero bigla kong na-miss ang Pilipinas. Na-miss ko na magsalita ng Tagalog, hindi Ingles, hindi Hapon. At bigla ko na-miss magsulat sa Tagalog. Tapos napagmuni-muni ko na hindi pa nga ata ako nakakapag-blog ata sa wikang kinagisnan … Continue reading

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All in the Mind

A couple of days ago I learned a new (to me) Japanese proverb (kotowaza) which goes: 案ずるより産むが易し (anzuru yori umu ga yasushi) According to Jim Breen’s dictionary, this proverb means: The anxiety that comes from doing nothing is worse than … Continue reading

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Snowed in

And just when we thought that it would never happen… I love the way the snow reflected the blue color from the darkening skies.   Aya’s wish finally comes true. We made snowmen at our backyard! On my way to … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Perfect

Due to the O-bon festival/summer holidays, Aya’s piano class won’t meet for two consecutive weeks. But in order to make sure that the kids still get to practice their lessons even during the holidays, they were given sheets of paper … Continue reading

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Not So Easy

Whenever I am with Aya in Filipino gatherings, most of them would often inquire: “How old is she?” And after being told about her age, they would make the dreaded expected follow-up question: “So kelan nyo susundan? Wala pa ba … Continue reading

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I Knew It!

Oh yes. I can be fun and trivial too. My way of relaxing on a Friday night, after a lonnggggg and exhausting, demanding week at work. I found this cool site through my wicked sister Lai, who’s now back to … Continue reading

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When I Blog, I Think (My 200th Post!)

Sometime ago I received my very first award since I started blogging. This is the Thinking Blogger Award, courtesy of Gypsy and Dimaks. Thanks a lot, guys. I am truly honored.     I’m now returning the favor and will now … Continue reading

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Natsu Matsuri 2007

Natsu da! Matsuri da! I missed Aya’s natsu matsuri (= summer festival) at the daycare this year. I was in China then. This happens to be one of their major activities, so I’m so sorry to have missed it. Inspite … Continue reading

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A Little Omiyage from Aya

Almost everyday, Aya brings something home from the daycare. Kids from her class always do – may it be colored illustrations, works of origami, or anything they picked up from the park like stones and stuffs. They call them omiyage, … Continue reading

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Ratatouille in Japan – Rats!

I was really looking forward to watching the latest animated movie from Pixar, Ratatouille, at Cineplex here in Tsukuba. I know that the movie opening was on July 28 – yesterday. But when I checked out the schedules, to my dismay I … Continue reading

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