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Is it just me, or am I now getting spammed lately by invitations to become an “editor” of some journal or book edition, or as a distinguished “invited speaker” for some conference I haven’t heard of before? Don’t get me … Continue reading

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Cambridge Science Festival – Part Two

The Cavendish Laboratory is located in the West Cambridge Site – the newer (modern!) buildings are located in this area. It is quite a distance from the City Centre, so we drove there on our car and parked at a … Continue reading

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Cambridge Science Festival – Part One

We are indeed privileged to be in Cambridge this year, just in time for its 800th Anniversary year. There are various events organized by the University throughout the whole year to mark the occasion. Additionally, there is also an annual … Continue reading

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Rethinking Darwin

This evening I was finally able to attend one of the Darwin lectures sponsored by the University of Cambridge, in celebration of the bicentennial anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth. The lecture was delivered by Prof. Jim Secord, Professor of History … Continue reading

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I probably woke up from the wrong side of the bed this morning. For some reason, I woke up with an intense feeling of homesickness. It was something I haven’t felt in years. I felt homesick – but not for … Continue reading

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After months of waiting, I’m happy to announce that my first-ever book chapter has finally been published. And although I’ve yet to receive our complimentary copy of the book, the book is now available through Nova Science Publisher’s website. If … Continue reading

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