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Magical Eight

Something magical started on the sixth of January, eight years ago. It was a Saturday, and yours truly was then a young bride about to be given away by my father. The church was decorated by crimson-red flowers and ribbons. … Continue reading

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Meet the New PhD Student

I was at the university’s health service the other day for some test required for all new equipment users. The woman at the reception desk took my details – name, date of birth, etc. Then she asked, "Are you a … Continue reading

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Prep Blues

Visa? Check. Plane tickets? Check. Accommodation? Check. Application for school? Check. But I’ve yet to receive the official admission. Bummer. Anyway, I’m mostly done with the paperwork and other requirements for our travel, but I’ve yet to pack our things. … Continue reading

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Where Were You When…

I was browsing through some blogs we have syndicated at Philippines Today and I happened to read Jessica Zafra’s post about Ninoy Aquino’s 25th death anniversary being commemorated today, August 21. I was really surprised to realize that it has … Continue reading

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Morning Walks

Ever since we’ve moved into our new abode, we have grown fond of walking in the mornings (on weekends), as long as the weather permits it. And every time we go out for walks, the more I affirm to myself … Continue reading

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Durian Chocolates My sister, fresh from Malaysia, has brought us a lot of souvenirs and goodies bought in Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur. How sweet! Among the things she gave us was a box of chocolates – with a twist! Ever … Continue reading

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Way to Go

Someone I know shared to me how she wants to have her funeral done. According to her, she didn’t have much choice about the way she "entered" the world, but at least there’s something she can do about the way … Continue reading

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Flood-filled Memories

I was looking at the slideshow photos posted on the Internet of the recent ferry disaster in the Philippines, where hundreds of people are feared dead and trapped within the ill-starred Princess of the Stars owned by Sulpicio Lines. It … Continue reading

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Who, Me?

Scene One: The year: 1995. I was hunched over my book, reading. Then one of the guys from our lab approached me from behind and exclaimed: “Kathy, nakakalbo ka na.” (Kathy, you’re starting to go bald.) I carelessly shrugged off … Continue reading

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The Analogy Between Papers and Souls

“You’ve got to get rid of all those papers,” Baggy told me one evening while we were sitting down for dinner. “What papers?” I asked him. “Those papers which you have accumulated for the last twelve years,” he replied. He … Continue reading

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