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Blogging from iPhone

In my quest to drastically reduce the time I waste ogling at status updates and poorly taken photos at Facebook, I’ve decided to remove the app from my iPhone for good. But now I have to find something more useful … Continue reading

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On Facebook

I’m quite sure of one thing: being “addicted” to Facebook somehow managed to kill any desire to blog recently. Why blog when you can just post some of your thoughts directly to your contacts, your so-called “friends” online? Why even … Continue reading

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Back Again

It’s not that I have become busier than usual. After blogging for what seemed like a long time, after going through several blogging upheavals and various stages of discovery in my blogging, I just plain stopped. Why exactly? Blogging didn’t … Continue reading

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On Writing

When I was in Grade Four, I was asked by my teacher to join an on-the-spot essay writing contest. Although I didn’t have an inkling on what an “essay” was, I agreed anyway, figuring that I could just ask my … Continue reading

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This is the third time I changed my layout style. And guess what, I’m still unsatisfied. I’m running out of choices of templates designed for Serendipity. Sadly, there aren’t that many templates available for the few users of Serendipity. Sphere: … Continue reading

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Revvin’ Up

No, I’ve not abandoned this blog. Fortunately – or unfortunately – for you, o faithful readers. What have I been up to lately, you ask? Well, I’ve also been busy doing a lot of experimenting in my kitchen lately. Here’s … Continue reading

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What Drives People to This Site?

I have always been curious as to what content attracts the most visitors to this site. For site statistics, I use the free service offered by Google Analytics. So I decided to find out what has been driving traffic to … Continue reading

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The Dark Ages

Those of you who had tried to access our site, including this blog and MyGuide yesterday were probably surprised to find out that the site was not available. In fact, all that one got was a page showing a rather terrifying “Internal … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just About the Money

Not every blogger blogs for money. Sure, we’re running some passive ads in this site, but our only goal is to help defray the cost of webhosting. It remains, at best, an experiment. We want to find out if we can derive some … Continue reading

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