I’m tempted to refer you to our main site at www.bagarinao.com, but then as I write this I realized that it would be great if I could at least give readers of my blog a brief introduction.

I am a Filipino citizen, currently residing in Tsukuba City, Japan. I’ve been living in this country for about 15 years now (minus one due to a one-year stint in the UK). A full-time research scientist by day, at night I often turn to blogging as a creative outlet for my other passion, which is writing. Given the choice, I would probably end up writing any chance I get, but admittedly, my role as spouse and parent do take up a huge chunk of my time. In whatever time that’s left, I try to squeeze in writing blog entries here.

Life in Japan is a day-to-day adventure, and for an expat like me, it is a unique and challenging environment which lets me learn new things, forces me to adapt and respond to frequently-changing situations, and most of all, frees my mind to explore ideas. A lot of my posts dwell on Japan-related stuffs, although I also frequently write about my role as a parent to my one and only daughter.

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