A Bit of Sleuthing at Saizeriya

It’s been a while. I had to forego blogging for a few months in order to focus on the demands at work. Now that I’ve hurdled the two major conferences of the year, met deadlines for research proposals and other matters, I’m more or less free to devote time to other things.

We usually eat dinner at home, but tonight happens to be one of those times when I just want to sit down and eat a ready meal and not worry about cleaning up later. Saizeriya happens to be one of those places we frequent whenever we want a quicky meal that’s not too fastfood-ish. And need I add, quite easy on the wallet too. Plus, Aya loves the hamburger steak there. So off we went.

While gobbling up my tarako sauce spaghetti, I glanced up at one of the Italian paintings decorating the ceiling and wondered whose work it was. I was pretty sure I have seen it somewhere before. It’s a shame, considering that I have visited various museums already and am quite familiar with the more famous masterpieces by Italian painters. I recognized The Birth of Venus and La Primavera by Botticelli of course. As for the others, well, I decided I needed some good ol’ Google help.

So here’s what we did: we took photos using my iPhone and then used Google’s image search tool. And voila! Mystery solved.

Images on the left are the photos taken on the iPhone; those on the right are the ones that turned up on Google.


L’Amour et Psyché, enfants by Bouguereau



The Triumph of Galatea by Raphael


Cherubini by Raphael


Disputation of the Sacrament by Raphael

Turns out that some of the paintings were just snippets from the original scenes! I’m truly impressed with the image recognition capability.

‘Nuff sleuthing, lets eat! – Aya

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