Aya, The Pokemon Artist

Aya has been bitten by the Pokemon bug. She plays it on her DS every chance she gets. Well of course I let her play from time to time, kids will be kids! 😉

She is quite taken with it, that she began sketching and drawing the characters as well. Surprisingly, it turns out that she has an uncanny ability to draw even the most complicated ones. A budding artist in the making? See and judge for yourself:










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2 Responses to Aya, The Pokemon Artist

  1. Vallerie says:

    Hi Ate Kats.I was scouting the net for the maglalatik costume and the 1st 2 pictures were Benj and the maglalatik team,linked to your blog. 1st time to read your blog. Ako mahilig lang magbasa ng blog ng iba e. ehehehe. Got to go.Magbabasa pa ako ng ibang post. 😉

  2. Kathy says:

    Hi Val, nahalukay mo pala tong blog kong matagal nang nahihimlay hehehe. Thanks for visiting! :)

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