Piano Recital

Finally, a chance to perform on stage! Actually, Aya started taking piano lessons (in a group) as early as four years old; unfortunately, when we went to the UK, there had been no opportunity to continue her lessons (it was ‘life interrupted,’ for ALL of us). So that was about a year of hiatus. After coming back to Japan, it still took several months before I finally decided that it was time for her to start honing those skills again. Precious time wasted, perhaps. But I’m happy to say that Aya’s skills have improved considerably since then. Smile

For a first-timer at a piano recital, Aya played beautifully, and not even a trace of nervousness! (In contrast to her mom, who was visibly fidgeting all the way until her number was called.) Needless to say, I’m a very proud parent!

Without further ado, here’s the video clip of her performance:

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2 Responses to Piano Recital

  1. 紀恵(のりえ) says:

    Thank you for showing me Aya playing the piano. I enjoyed her play three times here, haha! Yes, I remember the time when Aya played piano at your place in this sight before. As you say here, breaking piano lessons for some period for her might wasted time for sure. However, as they say and as you know, “it’s not too late to start!” Besides, small children are all quick learner, right?

    Keep going Aya! Furray! \(^o^)/ヤッター!

  2. kathy says:

    Norie, thank you for your comment!
    Yeah, I hope that she will keep improving herself, and never tire to strive for excellence. :)

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