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I’m quite sure of one thing: being “addicted” to Facebook somehow managed to kill any desire to blog recently. Why blog when you can just post some of your thoughts directly to your contacts, your so-called “friends” online? Why even bother to post photos in your blog, where you can’t control who sees them? In Facebook, at least you have some illusion of control on who sees your shared content. As with any website or blog, valid readers and spammers alike all have full access to whatever content you post.

Well, who else isn’t on Facebook anyway? I heard on CNN today that if Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world! But in a way, Facebook is becoming monotonous as of late. It’s also becoming really annoying, especially when your contact list is populated by people who are only intent on self-promotion, those who don’t have the discipline to keep away from Facebook while they are supposedly at work (shame on you, shame on you), and those who seem to think that their lifestyles/material things/looks are worth shouting to the world about, and damn you if you don’t pay proper attention! Well, I could go on and on. As in real life, there are people who are just plain annoying, and it’s no wonder that their online personas would be just as equally annoying.

Well, I’m keeping my connections open, so my Facebook account stays the way it is, for now. I really just want to keep in touch with dear friends and families, those whom I really care about. I just don’t want to spend that much time with it anymore, the way I have done so in the past. There are more important things to do. It’s ironic that people would say that they are busy, only to find them posting one thing after another in Facebook. Ha ha ha.

There’s at least one good thing that came out of this resolution, and that is a renewed desire to revive my blog. Let’s see if I could manage to post more regularly from now on. :)

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