Prep Blues

Visa? Check.

Plane tickets? Check.

Accommodation? Check.

Application for school? Check. But I’ve yet to receive the official admission. Bummer.

Anyway, I’m mostly done with the paperwork and other requirements for our travel, but I’ve yet to pack our things. I’m getting all panicky when thinking about what things we have to bring, what things we can leave behind, what things we can definitely do without. It’s actually very hard to decide, because although I’ve been to the UK before, I only went there as a tourist and I’ve never actually experienced living there on a long-term basis.

The other day I was discussing with Baggy about the things I wanted to bring to the UK. I told him that I wanted to bring stuffs like kitchen rugs, toilet seat covers, Japanese foodstuffs like nori, miso paste, furikake, etc. I even thought about bringing with us the spare washlet (toilet with washing function) we have at home – gee, what would I ever do without it? 😛 Baggy must have thought that I’m going overboard with all of these because he finally said in exasperation: "Why don’t you just bring the whole house with you?"

Well, if I could, I would. 😀 I’m quite comfortable in my house, thank you very much. It’s my personal haven.

Then Baggy further grilled me: "How many pieces of luggage did you bring when you came to Japan? Only one!"

He’s absolutely right! I brought only one luggage, although it was quite big. Half of it contained a winter coat donated by one of my aunts who lived in the US. The rest were some recently purchased clothes plus some house clothes. That was it. I didn’t even bring with me any sinigang mix or any of those Philippine foodstuffs. Well, maybe I didn’t know better. And maybe I was naive back then.

Well, things are definitely different now, and with a child in tow, I have to carefully plan our belongings and things we would bring with us.

Anyway. Just one more week to go before we fly. Wish me luck in the preparations. :)

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13 Responses to Prep Blues

  1. raqx says:

    goodluck on preps! and more luck on your travel. you are so dynamic kathy! non stop adventures!

  2. jeiku says:

    nice digg… 😉
    anyway, when you first went to Japan, how was it? for the 10-yr stay there how did you cope up?
    i don’t know if you happen to be in the situation where i am in right now, however recently i have been offered an IT work in Japan and up to now there’s a lot of things blurrying my mind with the idea of moving out from the Philippines… of course i want to try out being there, able to save more for my family being the breadwinner, but as far as now, it still ain’t clear to me what to expect and what i am expected of me there?
    do you have any suggestions?
    are there lots of professionals living there too?
    thanks! ^__^

  3. jeiku says:

    another thing, if you are asked by a Japanese employer why would I want Japan over other countries to practice my profession, what do you think would best answer this?
    hehe.. sensya, kulit ko po.. ^__^

  4. para kang pusang di mapakali. wehehe. good luck and upload ur pix as soon as you get there. todo na ‘to. ginawa mo ng playground ang mundo. where to next, the moon?

  5. bw says:

    best if luck to you sis.. Awesome :) wow, now I can say I know a fellow at Cambridge U !

  6. Belle says:

    Kathy, you are one amazing woman! Wish you all the best. I bet Aya will pick up the English accent in no time.

    Is Baggy going to be left behind?

  7. mitsuru says:

    Good luck Kathy. Please don’t forget to bring your umbrella. At humirit pa ano? he-he

  8. Karmi says:

    Kathy, still packing? Are you really taking your entire house with you?

  9. zherwin says:

    when travelling, one big difference between a man and a woman will be the luggage they will bring, a man can bring and/or put his life in one bag while a woman needs an extra purse for toiletries, another bag for this and maybe one more for that hehehe. 😀

    good luck on packing, just don’t bring things that you know can be bought in the UK.

  10. のりえ says:

    I’m sure that a box of tissue papers is very expensive in the UK compare to Japanese ones and also theren’t people who gives away you small packed ones around the people in town as here in Japan. So you have to ship a tons of them, haha!
    Anyway, please don’t push yourself a lot about packing. Take it easy!

  11. Gypsy says:

    I stocked up on food and didn’t bring a lot of clothes since warm clothes would just be too heavy. You can get good ones at the charity shops there. Dami kung binaun na lucky mee pancit canton, yon pala dami doon. Hehe…

  12. annamanila says:

    I can imagine how you are feeling. You must be a mixed bag of stress and excitement and awshucks sadness to leave your Baggy.

    I guess you must need to bring some foodstuff your daughter is used to … para hindi naman sya completely disoriented. Then Baggy can send some more by post.

    I wish you happiness and success and strength to cope with whatever challenges you’ll meet at the new place. Good luck and God bless the three of you.

  13. kathy says:

    Friends, I just want to say thanks a lot for all your “pabaon” and words of wisdom! If anybody among you would have the chance to drop by Cambridge, do let me know! 😀

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