Time to Fly

As they say, sometimes it is necessary for us to get out of our comfort zone in order to grow. Sometimes, in order to grow professionally and personally, we have to go to a totally new environment and learn about new things.

Clare College and King's Chapel

Everyone needs training. There is always room for growth and improvement. And I think that women, especially, should always take advantage of opportunities that would enable them to grow. For a woman, the choice is always a difficult one to make, because there is a delicate balance between career and family. Going outside for training is definitely bound to perturb that delicate balance.

Having said that, I would like to officially announce that I will soon be embarking on a new adventure in my professional/personal life – out of Tsukuba, out of Japan. Heck, even out of Asia. Into the Queen’s territories!

For the past couple of years I’ve been sort of daydreaming of going to Cambridge U on a sponsored fellowship. Now it’s becoming a reality. My family and relatives went nuts when they first heard about the news. I could imagine my dear Daddy jumping up for joy, wherever he may be right now. He would be grinning from ear to ear, and triumphantly say: "That’s my girl!" (He always said it like that.)

No adventure is without risks, however. Already I’ve gotten my fair share of negative comments, including:

  • The weather sucks in the UK. It would be so depressing to live there. Just think of all that snow in winter.
  • It is bloody expensive to live in the UK. You’ll probably end up in the red by the time you get through with your fellowship.
  • There aren’t any good things to eat in the UK. They only eat fish and chips!
  • It would be quite traumatic for Aya to leave Japan and go to a primary school in the UK.
  • You will have a very hard time working there, while at the same time tending to your daughter’s needs.
  • But then you would have to leave your husband behind – you would get very lonely there (and here’s my comment: You really want to make me believe that you really care about my emotional needs?)
  • And who would take care of you there?
  • (Well, you could add your own comment here, if you wish ๐Ÿ˜› )

Nobody would dare say a negative thing about Cambridge, though. But of course. Hello? It’s THE University of Cambridge. Home to several of the world’s greatest minds, including Newton, Dirac, Rutherford, among others. It makes me feel both terribly enthralled and sincerely humbled at the same time. I feel honored to be there on the occasion of its 800th anniversary next year. Eight hundred years! Imagine an institution that old! It’s like getting a piece of history.

In spite of all these comments, though, I would just like to focus on my goals. I’m not subscribing to these negative comments because I know that the positive ones will surely outweigh them (and not all those negative comments are entirely valid, I’m sure!)

I’m also sure that it will be an experience of a lifetime. I don’t expect smooth-sailing all the way, and I certainly don’t have the guarantee of success. But who cares! There’s only one life to live, right? Carpe diem!

Growing is everybody’s business. But if we limit our growth because we fear the unknown, the seemingly insurmountable, and the probability of things not exactly going the way we planned them – then we only have ourselves to blame.

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21 Responses to Time to Fly

  1. D says:

    Omedetou! and as ive said before, go girl! God speed! Kitakits before you leave ha!

  2. Karmi says:

    Oh my, congratulations! I think it’s a great opportunity. Take care!

  3. ใฎใ‚Šใˆ says:

    How honored reality this is, Salamin! Go for it and it’s worth challenging, I believe!
    Don’t you want to pinch your cheeks to make sure if this is a real thing not daydream?
    You should proud of yourself a lot, ใŠใ‚ใงใจใ†๏ผ

  4. Egay says:

    Congrats Kate! This is quite an achievement and you deserve it! Sana magkita na rin tayo soon, now that we’re in the same continent :) Take us on a a rowboat tour :) Are Aya and Baggy coming?

  5. Gypsy says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Yes, the weather does suck must of the time.
    Yes,it is bloody expensive…but I wonder how much more expensive compared to Japan!
    Yes, there aren’t much good food here–thats why they have adapted Indian Tikka Masala as a national dish! Haha!
    By the way, are you already here? I will be in London Sunday til Thursday next week, so if you can come over to London at some point maybe we can have lunch or something??
    Email me at the usual address…not the one I put in this comment box…
    Ta! xxoo

  6. I subscribe to the phrase below . Congrats! Yahoo! Somebody I know is going to Cambridge! You’re living my dream . Manlibre ka naman. Haha.

    “Growing is everybodyโ€™s business. But if we limit our growth because we fear the unknown, the seemingly insurmountable, and the probability of things not exactly going the way we planned them – then we only have ourselves to blame.”

  7. Karen says:

    Naks! Mukhang tuloy na tuloy na sistah…excited rin ako for you. Don’t worry about motherhood issues…it will adjust naturally according to your work requirements. God has a perfect plan why that opportunity hits you. Relax lang…tapos nyang Cambridge experience sundan na si Aya…para wala syang only-child syndrome…at para sa future adventures mo, 2 na silang sabit…nyahahaha! Uwi ka ba pinas? :-)

  8. kathy says:

    D: Thanks so much for the encouragement. Yes, I do hope we can meet up before we leave.

    Karmi: Thanks a lot!

    Norie: I think I will have to slap myself over and over to make sure that I am not daydreaming anymore. :) Thanks for your encouragement.

  9. kathy says:

    Gypsy: Whoa, now that’s a healthy dose of reality! Thanks. As for the food, I think I will bring a tonload of spices and ingredients (those which are allowed anyway) so I can at least cook my favorite food there. But for the record, I do love fish and chips. :) I’m not there yet, but I think you will be gone already by the time we get there.

    Charles! This is the first time you commented on my blog, if I’m not mistaken. :) Thanks for dropping by, and many many thanks for the encouragement. You’re a world trekker yourself, bisitahin mo naman ako. Libre kita pag makapunta ka ron. ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. kathy says:

    Egay: Thanks! I would love to visit you guys there and finally meet up with the NIP gang in Switzerland. :) Keep in touch!

    Karen: Natawa naman ako sa comment mo na sundan na agad si Aya! ๐Ÿ˜€ Wish ko lang makapunta kayo lahat don para sa Christmas/New Year sama-sama tayo ulit. :)

  11. Toe says:

    Good luck on your new life Kathy! You go! I’m sure that you will have wonderful experiences in the UK! Meanwhile, you will bring your memories and your experiences of Japan with you.

  12. Sexy Mom says:

    congrats, it’s a dream come true, but for everything, there is always a cost. sabi nga, we can’t have it all, let this your chance for more learning, and i am glad you grabbed the opportunity. good luck, super God bless, and before you know it, you and hubby will be back to each other’s arms, either in japan in the UK or elsewhere.

  13. salbahe! :-) ang mahal ng pamasahe! when you fly back to pinas, tsaka mo ako ilibre! haha . yep , i lurk once in a while when am not up to my eyeballs but this cambridge thingy really caught my attention. i’m so proud of you kathy. of our batch . i always knew back in our MES days (like i have ESP or something) that you’ll go places. i can only dream of having my pic taken in that school. i passed by cambridge on my way to the countryside but never got the chance to drop by and kiss its hallowed grounds. aaargh. just hope that you don’t end up like newton who locked himslef up in his room for days, just pondering and talking to nobody. don;t want a genius friend to end up in the loony bin! wooohoo. mas mukhang excited pa ako sa yo. is there enough room in your luggage for me to fit in?:-)

  14. mitsuru says:

    yes, you’re right carpe diem! those nay- sayers were just envious wag mo ng pansinin. it’s your life kaya ala silang pakialam. he-he. good luck. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. bingskee says:

    wow, kathy! that would be exciting. if i would be given the opportunity, i would give it a go, too. i’m sure you will be able to survive whatever unknown there is. God bless and take care.

  16. bw says:

    That will be awesome to get a fellowship at Cambridge U. Is Stephen Hawking a still fellow at CU? You’ve been to the UK before I gather so you can make an informed decision ๐Ÿ˜Ž I guess you will have to line up for a piece of apple, or a slice of steak at the deli and have beer for lunch but your professional advancement is well worth thinking :)

    One one hand, family is also very important and it would not be that advantageous to be away from your hubby in my opinion. If your little girl goes to school in the UK, it will be a big adjustment to deal with the stiff upper lip you know who ๐Ÿ˜ฏ I am one person who is very particular with social relations coz I know I can only shine as long as the environment / society allows me to do so.

    Good luck on your decision. As long as you have talent there’s no shortage of opportunities. :)

  17. annamanila says:

    Oh yes. Time to fly with new, more powerful wings. Cambridge … wow, a chance of lifetime. Your dad will be so proud I know. Eh kung ako proud eh. hahaha

    You will take Aya with you? How long is your fellowship? Is it for a doctorate? Grabe … excited ako. :)

  18. bamboo says:

    hi kathy! lagi akong nagbabasa ng blog mo. first time ko magcomment. just want u to know na nalungkot ako kasi aalis ka na dito (parang tanga eh noh)…basta un ang una kong reaksyon. omedetto ne and ingat ka dun Idol!! wag tatanga tanga dun ha hehe (joke)

  19. Gina says:


    Wow, nakakadyahi na yatang ‘ makipag-usap’ sa iyo Kathy! =))

    Here’s wishing you more success in your endeavors, cheers!

  20. Joey Santos says:

    hi marts, na-miss kita. i saw you online, then i thought of visiting salamin, then i read something like “YOU ARE GOING TO CAMBRIDGE”!!!!! congratulations!!!! i am so proud of you, kumare. i’m sure you will fit so well there, in the home of world’s greatest minds. you are actually one of them, di mo pa lang nare-realize. Cheers!

  21. Zenaida 'Zeny' Mercado says:

    Hi Kathy, we just had our sports day with FAST at JICA and there, I heard that you’ll be staying in Cambridge for a year. Glad to know that you’re already there safe and sound. So, which college will you be staying in Cambridge U? We had our study tour for a month with my Japanese students at Girton College, Cambridge Uni last July this year, and I tell you, you’re gonna love Cambridge because it’s indeed a very lovely and romantic haven. Enjoy punting at River Cam with Aya and Baggy! Keep us posted…cheers!

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