Morning Walks

Ever since we’ve moved into our new abode, we have grown fond of walking in the mornings (on weekends), as long as the weather permits it. And every time we go out for walks, the more I affirm to myself that moving to our current place is indeed a wise choice. I have two critical conditions for me to qualify a place as an ideal place to live: CLEAN, and GREEN. The city of Tsukuba boasts of being such a place, but arguably some places are better than others. Our previous place was near the main road, and we lived at the first floor – you can’t believe how incredibly dusty it could get inside the house! (Of course, my mom would chastise me by telling me that I don’t clean often enough. Ahm, hello? Working mom here! Of course the house will be a mess. :) )

Of course, no house is ever free from dust, but I swear that our new place doesn’t have as much dust as before (and I’ve not changed my cleaning schedule at that). And this being a residential neighborhood, it is also very quiet at nights. The park is also nearby and we can just go for a relaxing walk early in the morning and enjoy the day. And oh the trees – should I tell you about the trees? They’re everywhere! This is as green a place as you can get.

Morning Walk 021
Our green path: located just a few minutes away from our place.

We have also discovered a nearby bakery where we can buy freshly baked bread and even have free coffee. It reminded me of my childhood days – when me and my Dad would go early in the mornings and buy fresly-baked, hot pan de sal at the subdivision’s bakery. I loved those morning walks. Simple life, simple joys. Life doesn’t really have to be complicated, does it? Now I am enjoying similar moments with my own family. Incidentally, Baggy tells me that he also did the same thing when he was a kid – waking up early in the morning to go to the bakery and buy pan de sal. So, you know, morning walks appeal to him as well.

Morning Walk 008
Baggy and Aya during one of our morning walks


In these walks we make it a point to show something to Aya, try to engage her curiosity as to why things are the way they are: why is the sky blue, why insects shed their skins, why they make such a lot of noise, etc. We try to encourage her to observe the world and its surroundings, from the wide sky above to the tiniest insects below. It’s amusing to see her eyes light up whenever we point out an interesting fact or explain some hitherto mysterious phenomenon to her.

Walks are also beneficial for us adults – it helps Baggy and I unwind after a stressful week at work. Just walking around, not thinking about anything in particular, or doing anything in particular for that matter. Except perhaps for taking photographs of anything that amuses us. Just check out the photos below.

Morning Walk 013
I was hoping to find a cicada crawling out of its skin, but instead I chance upon this rather rare encounter between a dragonfly and a cicada’s shed skin. I wonder: why do some insects shed skins and others don’t?


Morning Walk 024
Cicada skins seem to be found anywhere we look! It’s amazing how the cicadas strongly anchor themselves on trees, branches and leaves. The skins hold on long after their owners have abandoned them.


Morning Walk 022
Oh, this photo makes me so nostalgic. I remember myself as a little girl holding my Dad’s hand as we go out for morning walks. When Aya grows up, will she remember these walks as well?
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4 Responses to Morning Walks

  1. dimaks says:

    nice post kathy! great photos.. kami naman gustong pumunta sa nearby beach, kaso mukhang puro malalayo.

  2. bw says:

    Nice photos ! I love the macro shots :) I love nature walk with greenery. I like trees and I do have them at our backyard. Sadly we have to chop off a mature pine tree coz the raccoons are using it to climb to our roof, trying to get to the attic :(

  3. kathy says:

    Dimaks: Malayo rin ang mga alam kong beach, tapos disappointing pa kasi malalaki masyado yung waves. Di tulad sa Pinas.

    Bw: Thanks! I’m not much of an outdoors person but I do love having trees and green surroundings. There’s not much wildlife here in Tsukuba, fortunately. But the insects are aplenty, and they still manage to make our lives miserable every summer.

  4. annamanila says:

    Morning walks on shaded lanes. It sounds so peaceful and relaxing. I wish I had such a lane near where I live.

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