Homemade Gyozas

When Aya came back from visiting a friend’s house, she brought home some homemade gyozas which she and and her friend prepared and cooked. This gave me an idea – how about we make our own? I mean, if a couple of kids can do it (under an adult’s supervision of course), how difficult could it be for us? :) Anyway, I decided to find out by experimenting. The first thing I did was search through YouTube’s repository of videos on how to make gyoza. Oh, I love the internet. Information at your fingertips. Instant how-tos on anything under the sun.

Anyway, making gyoza isn’t that difficult, as I happily found out. Hey, if you can make lumpia, you can make gyoza. You just need to master the art of folding the gyoza skin. 😉

You can make variations on the filling, depending on what you want to include. For our version, we used cabbage, garlic, and ground pork. I just bought the gyoza skin from my favorite supermarket. No need to go through the trouble of preparing the dough and all that. :)

Our gyoza experiment was a success. And here’s a video of us preparing and cooking the gyoza. Btw, watch out for the part where Aya throws a poor gyoza on the plate in her frustration because she couldn’t properly fold it. It was so funny!

(Sorry to non-Tagalog speakers! You see, we only speak Tagalog at home in order to train our daughter to speak our dear mother language. Where else can she get that training? Sometimes, though, we interject Japanese in our conversations.)

Enjoy the video. Or better yet, why not try it yourself? (Making the gyoza, not the video hehe.)

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3 Responses to Homemade Gyozas

  1. mitsuru says:

    galing mag tagalog ni Aya. mabuhay! 😉

  2. caryn says:

    hi kathy! i made this with a chinese friend and mine fell open when put in the pot. i have to get a hang of those pleats i guess. hehehe 😉

  3. kathy says:

    Bill: Talagang sinanay namin yan para di maibenta pag umuwing Pinas, heheh. 😉

    Caryn: Dapat ata di masyadong marami yung filling para di bumukas yung skin. Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually quite easy. :)

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