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After months of waiting, I’m happy to announce that my first-ever book chapter has finally been published. And although I’ve yet to receive our complimentary copy of the book, the book is now available through Nova Science Publisher’s website. If … Continue reading

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Way to Go

Someone I know shared to me how she wants to have her funeral done. According to her, she didn’t have much choice about the way she "entered" the world, but at least there’s something she can do about the way … Continue reading

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Choosing to Not Give Up

How many times do we hear the old adage, “Never give up”? We see a friend who has lost hope after so many attempts, and our instant reaction is to probably say, “Hey, don’t give up!” Or perhaps we would … Continue reading

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In the past couple of days I had the rare privilege of attending a kenshuu – the closest translation would be a seminar, I think, although they wouldn’t really call it that way (semina- refers to a different thing in … Continue reading

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