Our Little Pianist

It has been a while since I last posted a video of Aya playing the piano. She is now in Primary 4, thankfully. Just six more months to go before she moves on to the Junior course. She has improved a lot since last year. She still enjoys playing and learning how to play the piano. What is more important for me at this stage is that she is having fun while learning, and appreciating music at such a young age. Well, I guess in a way I’m learning, too, because there is no one else in the house who can supervise her. But the truth is that it’s not easy for me, because I don’t really play the piano (just trying hard!). In a way I’m being forced to learn with her. Yan kasi. :)

Anyway, I’ve uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube. The first video is where she played “Kawaii Hanataba.” (Go figure what it means in Japanese…kawaii is cute, and hanataba means…uh, I dunno.) The second video is where she played three short songs which she learned in Primary 3: Aoi tori, Ohayou, Koguma no Ma-chi, and Rondon Bashi (London Bridge).

Do forgive the mistakes. After all, perfection is not achieved overnight. :)

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11 Responses to Our Little Pianist

  1. のりえ says:


  2. Gina G. says:

    BRAVO AYA! She is definitely on her way to perfection and…..yes! stardom! =))
    You will probably be one heck of a stage mother Kathy, hehehhehhe.

  3. julie says:

    Galing! Encore to you, Aya! :)

  4. annamanila says:

    Kirei des ne. Ang galing. Do you teach her? I bet she has a Japanese piano teacher. Panay Japanese yata ang mga piyesa.

  5. dimaks says:

    cuteee.. ang galing :)

  6. quicksilver says:

    hello…i enjoy so much reading your blog as i can relate much. im a masters student here in NUT (niigata), i also have my hubby and my daughter here with me in japan…your daughter is so cute. i am amazed at her talent.

    btw, if im not mistaken, i think hanataba is a bunch of flowers, or bouquet…taba is a counter for bunch. :)

  7. kathy says:


  8. kathy says:

    Gina: Thanks! Oh my, I AM turning into a stage mom already!!! Di pa ba obvious, kinakalat ko na sa Internet ang performance ng anak ko heheh.

    Julie: Thanks a lot!

    Annamanila: I only supervise her practice at home. She attends a group piano class, and she has a Japanese teacher. Yung mga piyesa, hindi naman Japanese ang origin, Japanese lang ang title. Pero di ko alam ang original titles eh, sorry. :)

    Dimaks: Thanks, gusto ko sabihin na “mana sa akin yan,” pero di naman ako marunong mag-piano eh hehehe.

  9. kathy says:

    Quicksilver, welcome! I’m always happy to hear from people who drop by serendipitously in my site. Hope you’re doing fine in Niigata!
    Hey, you’re absolutely right about “hanataba.” I finally checked it out in the dictionary (I was too lazy at the time I wrote the post :) ). Thanks for the tip!

  10. bingskee says:

    natuwa naman ako sa pagiging stage mom.. lahat ata ng nanay e ganyan, mas nauuna pang na e excite.. your baby will be a star someday. how old is she?

  11. kathy says:

    Bingskee, I couldn’t agree more. Every mom IS a stage mom to a certain degree. Btw, Aya just turned 6 last month. :)

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