Taking Time Out

I could barely enjoy the outdoors nowadays because of my allergies, and believe it or not, we’re seeing more of rain than sunshine these days. What a bummer! But last weekend we actually got lucky – we were blessed with sunshine and clear skies, and it was warm enough to just wear a shirt outside. We hied off to Doho Park – for the first time in months. If there’s one thing I’m grateful for living here in Tsukuba, it’s the accessibility to parks. We all need time to unwind. For me, parks will do the trick quite easily. Just roll out the mat, soak in the sun (within reasonable time limits), jog around, play.

And so we did exactly just that.



Not exactly the best-looking tulips around, but it’s enough to decorate my blog for a change. :) I lurv red tulips…and any red flower for that matter. I’m a sucker for red things. Now you know what my favorite color is. :)



Kafunsho or not, we’ll play outdoors if we want to! Here is Baggy playing badminton with Aya. He looks rather funny wearing that mask, lol.



Wham! Aya gave it her best swing, but…oh well. 😀



There is only one necessary ingredient for quality time, and it’s family. It’s the one priceless thing that no amount of money could buy.


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6 Responses to Taking Time Out

  1. julie says:

    It sure is nice to have these spaces to go to and unwind.Dito sa atin,wala, puro mall. Byahe pa kami 20minutes to go to UPDiliman for some of that green.

    Lovely photos, Kathy :)

  2. niceheart says:

    I don’t see your hair balding in that photo, kathy. :) Red is also my favorite colour. Lovely red tulips. We don’t have any blooming flowers here yet. We got hit by a winterstorm last week, just after all the snow has melted. Is it also because of allergies why baggy’s wearing the mask?

  3. bw says:

    Same here – we had 20 deg almost straight last week until Sunday – awesome :) Monday was a little different, raining and about 5 deg. What a bummer. We did a lot of this during the brief hot spell. It was fun while it lasted :)

  4. bing says:

    i love those flowers! and i love your photo with Aya. truly priceless. :-)

  5. Belle says:

    hi Kathy, i tried wearing mask, too, but i took it off shortly because it was hard to breath with a clogged and stuffy nose. i then decided to take a kenalog shot for my seasonal allergies, and it did the trick.

    i love your photos! red is indeed eye catching!

  6. kathy says:

    Thanks! My friends tell me that it is now very hot in the country. I guess anybody would not think twice about going to the malls – di hamak na mas malamig don kesa sa park, hehe. 😉

    Yes, I do remember that red is also your favorite. Now that’s another thing we have in common, aside from our names! :) Yes, Baggy wears a mask in that photo because of his pollen allergy. But thank heavens, the allergy season is now over.

    Raining in spring is such a letdown, isn’t it? Fortunately, the rainy days seem to be over in this corner of the world. I can now ride my bike to work! :)

    Thanks a lot! Yeah, I also love that photo. I didn’t even know that my husband was taking our photo, so it was really a “shot of the moment.”

    Our masks are off! Into the trash bin! :) Wow, so you got a shot for your allergies – how many times do you have to take that until you get totally immune? Or was it only to survive this season?

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