Health-Conscious Moi


Health-conscious na…ang Lola n’yo!

I used to take Nature Made vitamin supplements, for the simple reason that it’s the only familiar brand amongst the other brands available on the drug store’s shelf. However, the tablets are just too large. I feel like I’m being punished everytime I shoved one into my mouth! I begrudgingly took my vitamins anyway, in an effort to make good use for the money I spent.

But somehow, it still took a lot of effort to take those vitamins on a regular basis. Halfway through the bottle, I just gave up. I discovered recently the half-empty bottle and found that it has expired. To the trash bin!

So I went to the nearest drug store and decided to try something new. I found those two Meiji bottles shown above. The purple bottle is Multivitamins, grape flavor, whereas the blue bottle is Calcium, yogurt flavor! And yes, they’re chewable, so no more choking on any ultra-large Mama tablets! And because of the added flavor, it is like eating candy. Sweet.

But there’s something else. The brand name attracted my curiosity, which found me smiling from ear to ear as I bought it at the drugstore: Lola actually means Grandma in Filipino.

LOL. My granny pills. Aw, my back!

Lola, don’t forget to take your vitamins and minerals! :)

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