This is the third time I changed my layout style. And guess what, I’m still unsatisfied. I’m running out of choices of templates designed for Serendipity. Sadly, there aren’t that many templates available for the few users of Serendipity.

We’ve also moved our site to a new webhosting plan. It took us a while to figure out that we’re still stuck in an antiquated plan where our harddisk space is limited to less than 1 GB, when there are already dozens of webhosting plans out there that offer THOUSANDS of gigabytes. My current blog alone is more than 100 MB. So that made the decision quite easy. Welcome to the terabyte age, baby!

Transferring our site is another matter, though, but it’s something that I could delegate to my technical support (read: Baggy). Just wake me up when my blog is up and running again, sweatheart. Thank God for techie hubbies! 😀

Well, back to the blog. I’d like to migrate to WordPress (if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!). But I don’t know if it’s that easy to move from Serendipity to WordPress platform. Anybody had any experience doing that?

Baggy says that I may have to move my entries manually (read: one by one!) if I want to preserve my archives. Another option is to just make a new subdomain, then start from scratch using WordPress. Maybe create something like salamin.bagarinao.com. But what about all the incoming links to my present blog? I would lose them all, of course. But then again, if my Technorati ranking is correct, I’m losing links by the week, anyway. 😛 I used to be very keen on getting links before, but I found that somehow it took the fun out of blogging. The heck with blog stats.

Just a word of warning, though. In case this blog becomes temporarily unavailable for a while, it probably means that I’m revamping the site for the better. 😀

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  1. raqx says:

    im thinking of moving to wordpress too but mainly for aesthetic purposes. but i heard you’ll gonna lose the blog comments, more than that okay na daw lahat. talaga manual ang paglipat?? hmmm…

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