Happy Birthday (Part Two)

For those who wondered why there was a “Part One” included in my previous post, read on here to find out why. 😉

baggy birthday What a coincidence it is that the two most important men in my life would have birthdays right after the other. And they’re both “Juniors” to boot. Hmm, maybe that’s one of the reasons why Daddy gave Baggy such a rough time when he was just courting me, haha.

Happy birthday to my one and only, my partner in crime, my ex-boyfriend. 😉 Here’s wishing you the best of the year to come: more blessings, more accomplishments, more happiness!!!

As far as Baggy is concerned, he will remain forever young at heart. All the more reason to give him something to play with, no? What’s that saying? The difference between men and boys…is the size of their toys.

And so here’s something for the birthday boy. Is 40 gig HD big enough? Blu-ray player hi-tech enough? Graphics awesome enough?

Hmm…methinks the birthday boy is going to sleep really late tonight. :)


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2 Responses to Happy Birthday (Part Two)

  1. gina says:

    Whoooohooo, lucky lucky birthday boy! Awesome toy,indeed.

    Wishing him happiness,good health, and love all around!

  2. kathy says:

    He had actually set his eyes on the PS3 ever since it came out on the market. I think if I hadn’t bought it for him, he’d have gone out and bought it himself, hahah.

    Thanks for the wishes, Gina! :)

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