Moving out, Moving in

Moving out is always a painful process, no matter how convenient and easy the moving companies make it out to be. In retrospect, they probably did the easiest part. They only had to lug the big stuffs from Point A to Point B. The new settlers, meaning us, have to do everything else from a) packing, b) unpacking, c) arranging, and d) decorating the place. Well, of course they also have a “plan” where they do everything from a) to d), but it will definitely cost us an arm and a leg.

But oh, what a price to pay. I’m so tired. So dead tired everyday. We haven’t even begun with b) yet. So far we’ve only opened boxes that would allow us to function normally in our day to day lives. I shudder to think of the weeks or even months ahead that we have to spend to make this place decent enough to live in.

So this is how it feels like to move after more than 11 years of accumulating stuff. What was surprising to me at least, is that so much of those accumulated stuff were really trash material. So we threw away many things. Gave away some items to friends who might have some use for them. And yet, still there were a lot of stuff that we couldn’t really decide whether to keep or let go.

But never mind the trash. It’s the physical exhaustion that really gets to me. We are so close to cursing the day we decided to give up our old place and move into a new house.

But I guess these are just the labor pains of change. We desired change, and in order for this change to be born, we must undergo these pains. How I wish it will all be over soon. I want to sit back and relax and just enjoy everything. It’s like having a baby — you just want to get over the delivery as quickly as possible and spend the rest of the time enjoying your baby.

Well, in a way I am enjoying, inspite of the suffering. Every morning, I am treated to this spectacular sight at our balcony:

first sunrise
Good morning, Tsukuba!

Oh yes, I can now enjoy the view of the sun as it rises over the sleepy residential area this side of Tsukuba. As I watch it everyday (yes, everyday!), the more I affirm to myself that this was the right choice. Of course, an unobstructed view of the sunrise is just one of the perks!

In any case, do forgive me if I’m lagging behind in my blogging. Let me just put some semblance of order into this chaotic episode of my life. :)

Ok, enough blogging. Let me go back to unearthing those plates so we can eat a decent meal tomorrow. 😀

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7 Responses to Moving out, Moving in

  1. Gina says:

    New Digs!!!
    What a lovely view of the sunrise. I’m sure it’s worth all the ‘trouble’ of moving out & in.

    Enjoy your new home & may it always serve as a place of peace and love- a sanctuary.

  2. ligaya says:

    kats, okey ang view mo. It makes me feel a little bit nostalgic of Tsukuba just looking at your sunrise picture. Where do you live now? tskkk. If I opted to stay in Tsukuba, siguro nasa Minami-odori pa rin ako, malayo na sa aking ex-driver hahahahahahaha ;-). Yes, change is painful at the beginning, but just wait and see for the rewards that will keep on pouring, like the sunrise that you are experiencing from your balcony. Take care, hai!

  3. Gypsy says:

    Happy new home!! I have moved countless of times and when I asked why, I always say its because I need to throw the accumulated trash and clean the when I move stuff to clean, might as well move all the way to a new house..hehe…pero totoo ka, kakapagod!!

  4. annamanila says:

    No pain, no gain!

    Everything really worthwhile … like moving to a new and better home with a superb view of the sunrise .. has a price. But what a prize.

  5. bw says:

    Moving really drains you physically, mentally and even financially :( . When I moved to my present house I had to hire a moving company to move my all furnitures, beds and personal effects. It took me 2 weeks to unpack everything and put them in place. I can probably do it once in 10 years but never too often 😉

  6. dimaks says:

    in every burden, trials and sacrifices there is relief :) i didn’t know that you guys were moving out. nice new place with matching view of the sunrise though.

  7. verns says:

    In 5 years, I think I moved 4 times already, I’m like a gypsy hehe

    I can totally relate to the physical exhaustion. Since I only have a few things, one day is enough but it’s still draining. The moment my head hits the pillow, wala na akong malay hehehe

    But after that…of course, bliss :) new place, new home. Congratulations Kat!

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