What Drives People to This Site?

I have always been curious as to what content attracts the most visitors to this site. For site statistics, I use the free service offered by Google Analytics.

So I decided to find out what has been driving traffic to my blog for the past ten months. Within the period of January 2007 up to October 2007, here are the top ten most visited posts in this blog:

1. Yahoo Messenger Virus

1,099 pageviews

2. Tagalog Trivia in Constantine

626 pageviews

3. Ten Japanese Habits Worth Emulating by Filipinos – Part One

577 pageviews

4. Ten Japanese Habits Worth Emulating by Filipinos – Part Two

438 pageviews

5. Tales of Two Passports

384 pageviews

6. In Love with Mont Blanc

383 pageviews

7. The Pee Monster and Other Stories

358 pageviews

8. Ang Relos ng Lolo Ko (My Grandfather’s Clock)

352 pageviews

9.Bayan Ko (My Country)

342 pageviews

10. Cut!

326 pageviews

Looks like the Yahoo Messenger Virus post emerges as one of this blog’s “pillar posts” that constantly attracts visitors to this site. Blah, I didn’t even write it! Baggy wrote that particular post actually, back when he still didn’t have his own tech blog. We were supposed to “co-author” this blog. Anyway, the top exit page in my blog is also that post, which means that visitors only view the page and do not access any other pages in my blog. Oh well. Can’t help it that people are just looking for solutions to their virus problems. :)

The next three top posts, however, were written by yours truly. 😉 Honestly, I’m quite surprised that many people found the “Ten Japanese…” posts interesting – which highlighted some of the cultural differences between Filipinos and Japanese, as I see it. In the future, I hope I can write more posts like these. And yes, I am still hoping to compile a complimentary list of Ten Filipino Things Worth Emulating by Everyone Else. Anybody care to share any thoughts? Yes? No?

Anyway, let me just thank everyone for visiting this blog: first timers, returners, and lurkers alike – thanks a lot. I may not always be able to squeeze enough creative juices to come up with truly interesting posts each time I write, but as long as there are readers to this site, I will try my best. :)

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14 Responses to What Drives People to This Site?

  1. annamanila says:

    How nice to be able to identify the most popular posts. Google tracker you say? I’d like to find out myself which posts are on target. I remember the Tale of 1 passports but not the Japanese habits worth emulating. Sounds very interesting. I wish I can read your archives. So many things I wanna do … so little time. Bad me.

  2. Frances says:

    Hmmm, “Filipino Things Worth Emulating by Everyone Else…” That’s hard kasi they all seem like double-edged swords!

    I initially thought of our sense of cheerfulness and happiness (yes, we’re the ones smiling through the catastrophes) but that can be caused by fatalism or superficiality.

    Utang na loob would be nice but that’s also often abused, especially by politicians who act like feudal lords.

    Then there’s family-orientedness. But sometimes the problem is that we don’t care about society as long as one’s family is okay.

    What’s with me and being pessimistic today? 😀

    I can think of one pinoy habit that cannot be a double-edged sword: Take a shower/bath every day!

  3. zherwin says:

    i want to do what you did. i think if i’ll post something about porn or britney spears that’s going to be the top of the draw, hehehe. of course i won’t, and i’ll just stay on the comfort of my silent little corner. :)

  4. verns says:

    I don’t know how to do that but WordPress has this Blog Stat section where you get to see the search engines used or keywords used by visitors. The thing that comes up almost everyday is the song “I’ll Be Over You” lol You see I posted the lyrics of that song nearly two years when I was getting over my first break-up.

    Funny hehe marami talaga palang bigo sa mundo hahahaha

  5. Abaniko says:

    I’ll always be a reader of this site. That’s for sure. BTW, I’m tempted to leave Blogspot. I don’t have this kind of stats in my free Blogger account. Hmm.

  6. bw says:

    Interesting results! I’ve recently moved but my old site still seems to get hits. Thanks for your tip on Google Analytics :)

  7. Wil says:

    The top 3 posts are interesting posts indeed. just finished reading them. regarding the ym virus, it looks like it’s only infecting pcs, so i think i’m safe since i use a mac. Still, i get those ym messages from who-knows-who asking me to click this. Annoying phishers!

    So you’re a Keanu Reeves fan. hehehe.

    Regarding the Japanese habits, I’m also amazed how people just throw away food. I like the habit of not leaving anything on their plate.

    I’m not exactly sure what my most popular posts are. i do see people googling ‘racism’ quite a bit and ending up on my site. I do discuss that topic. and i use sitemeter to check my stats although i try not to check it as often as i used to.

  8. kathy says:

    That’s okay Anna. We barely have enough time to read current posts, how much more for archives buried deep in other people’s blogsites? So it probably helps that once in a while we blog about our previous posts so that readers would discover some of our hidden “gems.” :)

  9. kathy says:

    Frances, I agree with your thoughts! Kaya siguro nahihirapan akong gumawa ng list, hehe. But seriously, there should be at least some habit we Filipinos have that would be worth emulating by others, no?

    I’ll keep that suggestion about taking a bath everyday in mind! 😀 How about pabango? I could always tell if there’s a Filipino in the room, lakas ng pabango. :) Hmm, but that might be a double-edged sword as well.

  10. kathy says:

    Some people choose to write posts that are guaranteed to attract the interest of other people (so they end up writing about popular topics)…but I still think that if there’s anything worth writing, it should be the ones closest to our hearts and minds. Just a guideline, of course. :)

  11. kathy says:

    Verns, just sign up for a Google account, and you can get the codes from there which you can embed in your blogsite. Check it out na lang…the Goggle website would be able to explain it much better than I could. :)

    That’s a pretty interesting observation about your keywords. Hmm, mukhang di ko ata nabasa yung post na yun. Matingnan nga. :)

  12. kathy says:

    Thanks Abaniko. I’ll always be a reader of YOUR site as well. I’m not sure, but I think you can incorporate Google Analytics into your site, regardless of blogging platform. Might be worth checking out.

  13. kathy says:

    You’re welcome, bw. :)

  14. kathy says:

    Hey Wil, thanks for reading my archives. :) Even until now I’m still getting a lot of hits for the YM virus post. Looks like the virus is still hitting a lot of users, hehe.

    I’m not exactly a Keanu Reeves fan, but I am a fan of The Matrix movies. :)

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