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Summer Activities

There are at least three main activities that occupy people in Japan during summertime: 1. Swimming at the pool or the beach When I first got here, I was surprised to know that swimming pools and beaches are open only during specific periods … Continue reading


When I Blog, I Think (My 200th Post!)

Sometime ago I received my very first award since I started blogging. This is the Thinking Blogger Award, courtesy of Gypsy and Dimaks. Thanks a lot, guys. I am truly honored.     I’m now returning the favor and will now … Continue reading

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Natsu Matsuri 2007

Natsu da! Matsuri da! I missed Aya’s natsu matsuri (= summer festival) at the daycare this year. I was in China then. This happens to be one of their major activities, so I’m so sorry to have missed it. Inspite … Continue reading

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