Practice Makes Perfect

Due to the O-bon festival/summer holidays, Aya’s piano class won’t meet for two consecutive weeks. But in order to make sure that the kids still get to practice their lessons even during the holidays, they were given sheets of paper where they will color objects corresponding to each day they practiced. If they have practiced for more than 4 times in a week  –  they will get nice stickers from the sensei.




If you think about it, there’s absolutely nothing exciting about getting stickers on a piece of paper. But you know how kids are – they want to impress not only their sensei but also their classmates. So I guarantee you that Aya will definitely make sure that she gets all her stickers at the end of the holidays.  :)


The point of practicing, of course, is not to accumulate stickers but to enable the children to hone their skillls. As the old adage goes, practice makes perfect.


Children have an amazing ability to learn things fast. I myself am amazed at how fast Aya is learning how to play the piano. I’m beginning to feel that the pace of their class at the music school is becoming a tad too slow for her. For instance, they would still be playing by one hand at a time whereas Aya could already play the same piece using both hands.


Still, it still takes time to master a particular piece. Perfection is not achieved overnight.


Here is a video of Aya playing “Risu no komori uta,” or A Squirrel’s Lullaby. I’m pretty sure that this song is familir to some of you, but I don’t know if that is the same title in English. I just translated it directly from the Japanese title.


She does a lot of wriggling, no? Maybe instead of becoming a pianist someday, she’d end up as a dancer! Haha, what a thought.


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16 Responses to Practice Makes Perfect

  1. rhodora says:

    Haay! Seeing Aya play the piano reminds of my daughter when she was her age. If only I could turn back the time!

    Kathy, off topic – kelan ba masusundan si Aya? Malaki na siya, a.

  2. Gypsy says:

    Haha! You’re right, I think she might end up being a dancer instead of a pianist. Well, hats off to Aya! Anybody who can read those “bean sprouts” and translate them to music are geniuses to me (who’s musically illiterate)!!

  3. niceheart says:

    Teachers here also give out a lot of stickers to students. I think they sort of motivate them. They even get stickers from doctors and dentists. So they will look forward to the next visit. :)

    Ang cute naman ni Aya. Bungisngis din like you. :) Who knows, maybe she’ll be a pianist and also a dancer. :)

  4. Gina says:

    Wow, ang daming talents ni Aya talaga!

    Di na tumitingin sa keys ha, talaga naman!

    And since she’s starting early to learn to play the piano, talagang may virtuoso ka in the making.

    Good show , Aya!

  5. dimaks says:

    *clap* *clap* what’s the next instrument? :)

    i remember my son at 2 years old. he gets angry whenever he asks his mommy to draw a car and the wheel is not perfect-looking circle.

  6. bw says:

    Really nice to see a very young girl exhibitexceptional talent for music like your daughter. She has artistic skills for sure and it’s now up to you to nurture and follow it up :)

  7. kathy says:

    I know — I really should savor this time with her. In a few more years she will have her own little world. Sa ngayon ako pa ang bida hehe :).

    Regarding your question – oops, maybe you should try reading the other post prior to this one? 😛

  8. kathy says:

    Haha, she actually makes me feel embarrassed – because I also took some piano lessons a few years ago. But it seems like I have forgotten everything I learned! Dapat talaga mag-umpisa ng maaga, habang bata pa at fresh pa ang utak.

  9. kathy says:

    Most of the preschool workbooks I bought for Aya also have some “award” stickers which really motivate her to complete the tasks. I think it is very effective.

    Bungisngis – ay naku you should see us during our “harutan” sessions! 😀

  10. pining says:

    wow ang galing :-)
    I’m sure she can master it in no time…I take it she’s more artistically inclined(?)

  11. zherwin says:

    piano! it is one of my frustrations, i can now buy at least an organ and a self-help or a book on how to play it, but will i have the time? kakainggit ang mga bata ngayon!

  12. kathy says:

    Thanks Gina!

    The sensei specifically wanted them to master the skill of placing their fingers on the keyboard without looking and reading notes at the same time, so she is forced “not” to look at the keyboard while playing.

    But as you probably saw, she still manages to take a peek every now and then. Oh well. It takes practice, right? 😉

  13. kathy says:

    Dimaks, more likely she’ll just concentrate on the piano for now – unless of course she shows some interest in another musical instrument in the future.

    Cute naman ng son mo. Baka nasanay sa yo na kayang magdrawing ng perfect circle, kaya gusto niya ganon din sa mom niya, hehe.

  14. kathy says:

    Thanks bw for the encouragement!

    She also loves to draw and paint, much to our chagrin because she uses up all of our printing papers at home, haha. But it does appear that she has artistic skills. I really hope we’re providing the proper nurturing.

  15. kathy says:

    Thanks pining. Actually she really enjoys her piano lessons – which is a relief because I don’t want to make it seem as if we’re imposing on her. She looks forward to her lessons every week.

  16. kathy says:

    Same here! Maybe that’s also a factor as to why I chose this instrument for her. When I was a kid I longed to learn how to play the piano, but I didn’t have the resources.

    I wish I could also take it up now that I have the resources like you. It’s never too late, right? It may just be a matter of priority. 😉

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