I Knew It!

Oh yes. I can be fun and trivial too. :) My way of relaxing on a Friday night, after a lonnggggg and exhausting, demanding week at work.

I found this cool site through my wicked sister Lai, who’s now back to blogging after a long hiatus. Welcome back, Evil K.

So, you want to find out who my celebrity look-alikes are?


According to the results above, I bear 70% resemblance to LARRY KING. Not bad. I have long fantasized being a broadcaster, lol. Hey look, we wear the same spectacles! And man, look at those foreheads! I really should ease up on that shampoo I’m using. 😀

Thanks to my hairstyler at my favorite J-Cool beauty salon, I could *almost* pass off for a redhead like JULIANNE MOORE.

‘Nuff said. 😉

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10 Responses to I Knew It!

  1. betty says:

    Larry King? I dont know, maybe Julianne Moore. the only resemblance u have with larry King are your spectacles(glasses)

  2. raquel says:

    i received a friendster testimonial with this celeb lookalikes in it. Rachel Ann Go appeared on my list twice since my friend did this test twice (one pic with make up one without) and i was shock when I saw Jessica Alba with 80% resemblance! jeezz make up really works wonders!

  3. kathy says:

    Hahaha, don’t take it too seriously. :) There were several other celebrities whose pics came up, but I chose Larry King among others because I was sure it would guarantee some guffaws. 😉

  4. kathy says:

    Oh no. Who is Rachel Ann Go? Enlighten me please!

    But Jessica Alba? Naks naman! Maybe I should use another photo? Unfortunately, the only photo I have with makeup on is my wedding photo! lol

  5. verns says:

    I did this also and one of my celebrity look-alikes was Tyra Banks hehe that time I was super tan hehe

    Not bad Kat hehehe :)

  6. lai says:

    Larry Kin.. erm.. Larry Kat…
    isthatchu? at least wala masyadong chin chan chun na lumabas sa file mo :p

  7. kathy says:

    At least sexy si Tyra Banks ha, not an old, almost bald man. 😛

  8. kathy says:

    I know! Larry Kat ba…lol.

    It’s so strange…I look more Chinese than you, but didn’t get any Asian celebrities in my results.

  9. bw says:

    This is so amusing. What kind of comparison algorithm are they using for this ? hehehe. Get out Larry King ! Enter Janine Garofalo :)

  10. kathy says:

    Yeah, it’s one pretty cool face recognition software. :) Actually one can even create a face morph video (from your face to the celebrity’s face); unfortunately I couldn’t post it here in my blog.

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