Natsu Matsuri 2007

Natsu da! Matsuri da! I missed Aya’s natsu matsuri (= summer festival) at the daycare this year. I was in China then. This happens to be one of their major activities, so I’m so sorry to have missed it. Inspite of my initial misgivings, I did have fun last year when I attended it for the first time. And it even rained then, so most of the activities were confined indoors.


Fortunately, Aya’s Tatay and Lola were there to participate in the event, and gladly took pictures and videos so I could at least see what I’d missed. 😉

Here are some of the photos they took:

Aya and Lola pose outside with Aya’s classmates (the two girls). The other adults are parents of one of the girls.


Aya proudly wore her new yukata (= light Japanese kimono, traditionally worn during summer) which I bought for her before I left. It’s red – but of course! I’ll make her wear it again when we attend the “real” summer festival organized by the city of Tsukuba this coming August 25/26.

Actually, somebody suggested that I buy a similar outfit for myself – although I’m sure it would be much more expensive than children’s! But I also heard that there are some cheap ones being sold by Uniqlo nowadays. So hmm, I’m definitely considering it. Anybody out there who wants to lend me their yukata for a day? 😀


Here’s Aya giving the “peace” sign while watching the parade. Thank goodness for the good weather! At least now they could perform the activities outside.


I’ll post the video next time.

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2 Responses to Natsu Matsuri 2007

  1. Glenn says:

    kamusta! I have enjoyed reading your blogs so much that I forgot about reading the article you wrote about living in Japan?

    I have been contemplating moving there I’m too much of a coward to take the plunge… Mostly because I just started learning Japanese.

    anyways before I completely wonder off topic here, I was hoping maybe you can email me the article? or maybe a link… I just couldn’t find it here and I’m glad I didn’t I wouldn’t have read that piece about pinoy all over the world starting their dreams from a simple, ‘kayo po? ano order nyo’ lol

    thanks in advance, from a pinoy in in London (wanting to be in Japan)>.<

  2. kathy says:

    Hi Glenn, thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate receiving comments like yours – those comments keep me inspired to blog! :)

    I’m not sure which article are you referring to – Living in Japan? Are you referring to the article about our encounter with a fellow Pinoy in McDonald’s in Tokyo?

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