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Matsuri Tsukuba 2007

The first time I heard of the word “nebuta,” it was while watching a TV program featuring the famous floats that the “Nebuta Festival” of Aomori is known for. Although I lived in the Tohoku region for more than three … Continue reading

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Yatta! Yatai!

If there’s one thing that I absolutely LOVE about festivals, it will be the ubiquitous yatai, or food stalls. Yatai are set up temporarily for Japanese festivals, selling foods for spectators, such as yakisoba, kakigori, takoyaki, and okonomiyaki. You can … Continue reading

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The Dark Ages

Those of you who had tried to access our site, including this blog and MyGuide yesterday were probably surprised to find out that the site was not available. In fact, all that one got was a page showing a rather terrifying “Internal … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just About the Money

Not every blogger blogs for money. Sure, we’re running some passive ads in this site, but our only goal is to help defray the cost of webhosting. It remains, at best, an experiment. We want to find out if we can derive some … Continue reading

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Five Years Ago Today

I was browsing through our old photos, when I chanced upon a couple of photos taken almost exactly around this time, five years ago: August 16, 2002. I couldn’t help but feel so nostalgic. What were the circumstances then? Me … Continue reading

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I was tagged by Shai to list eight random facts about myself. Sounds like fun. Let’s see: 1. I have worn glasses since Grade Six. I knew that something funny was going on with my vision as early as Grade Four, … Continue reading

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Pen Colors (A Homemade Chromatography Experiment)

This is a very easy experiment for kids, to teach them about the different pigments that make up the colors in pens. For this experiment, you will need the following: coloring pens blotting paper (kitchen towels can do the trick … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Perfect

Due to the O-bon festival/summer holidays, Aya’s piano class won’t meet for two consecutive weeks. But in order to make sure that the kids still get to practice their lessons even during the holidays, they were given sheets of paper … Continue reading

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Not So Easy

Whenever I am with Aya in Filipino gatherings, most of them would often inquire: “How old is she?” And after being told about her age, they would make the dreaded expected follow-up question: “So kelan nyo susundan? Wala pa ba … Continue reading

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I Knew It!

Oh yes. I can be fun and trivial too. My way of relaxing on a Friday night, after a lonnggggg and exhausting, demanding week at work. I found this cool site through my wicked sister Lai, who’s now back to … Continue reading

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