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Goodbye, Tonette Binsol

We never met in person.   Out of the blue, one day I got a friendly call from Ms. Tonette Binsol. I don’t know how she got hold of my cellphone number. But someone like her had resources, and lots … Continue reading

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When Aya turned three, I considered bringing her to the photo studio for the traditional shichi-go-san photos – a perfect opportunity to take souvenir photos of her wearing a traditional Japanese kimono. But on the day when we finally went to … Continue reading

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Songs From Another Lifetime

I got double-tagged by TeacherJulie and Pining to blog about the songs when I was 18. Eighteen! That is so 20th century, lol. But here they are: Baby Baby – Amy Grant I actually have Amy Grant’s CD, Heart in Motion, which features … Continue reading

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Why Should I Measure My Blog Growth?

How should one measure blog growth? Yuga, one of the most famous bloggers in the Filipino blogosphere, suggests the following indicators of blog growth:   # of subscribers Technorati ranking Alexa ranking   Sure, rankings are good. It gives you an idea … Continue reading

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Finding Time for Blogging

Here I am blogging early in the morning. This is a departure from my usual habit, that of blogging either right after dinner, or late at night after everyone else is asleep. Rarely do I blog in the mornings. There … Continue reading

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