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Science Blog, Anyone?

Bahay Kubo Research is getting revitalized. After years of languishing on the Internet, the site is rejuvenated with a new design, new sections, and get this, a blog. Eh? Filipinos blogging about science? You got that right! I invite you … Continue reading


A Little Omiyage from Aya

Almost everyday, Aya brings something home from the daycare. Kids from her class always do – may it be colored illustrations, works of origami, or anything they picked up from the park like stones and stuffs. They call them omiyage, … Continue reading

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Ratatouille in Japan – Rats!

I was really looking forward to watching the latest animated movie from Pixar, Ratatouille, at Cineplex here in Tsukuba. I know that the movie opening was on July 28 – yesterday. But when I checked out the schedules, to my dismay I … Continue reading

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Finding Peace and Tranquility at Hainan

Hainan is known as the “Hawaii” of China. Haikou, also known as the Coconut City, is a major port of the island, and has a domestic airport for flights connecting to various major cities in China like Guangzhong and Beijing. As … Continue reading

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Finding the Passion to Blog

As a blogger, have you ever experienced days when there is simply no excitement to blog anymore? Have you ever felt or thought – Enough of this crap. I don’t need to do it anymore. It’s just a waste of … Continue reading


The Making of a Scientist – Part Two

Here is part two of the series. Q: Did you have a chance to work as a research assistant? Not as an RA, but as a graduate student. The only difference between an RA and a graduate student? The grad … Continue reading


The Making of a Scientist – Part One

I found this interesting article from the DOST website, entitled “The Making of a Scientist.” It’s interesting for me because 1) it featured Filipino scientists, and 2) the said scientists were all women, and 3) I personally know one of … Continue reading


Back in One Piece

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to blog anymore while I was in Hainan. I was too busy attending lectures and minding my preparation for my own presentation. The said presentation went very well, thank you very much. I was hoping to … Continue reading

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First Stop: Beijing

Beijing touchdown: July 12, 2007.   First impression: Construction, construction, and construction everywhere. Looks like the city is really getting prepped up for the Olympics next year. In fact there is a subway under construction right at the Beijing airport, and this is … Continue reading

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Off to China

I’m on my own again.   I’m leaving today. Traveling alone has its perks. I’m more mobile, I have less baggage, and I can actually catch up on my reading lag on those extra hours of waiting. But the concept … Continue reading

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