Bound for Berlin

It’s travel season once again, and this time we’re off to Germany. I’ve never been to this country before, so I am really looking forward to having my first taste of Deutschsland. When I first heard that this year’s venue would be Berlin, my first reaction was: Huh?!! What is there to see in Berlin, anyway? The Berlin Wall? Historically significant, yes, but I wouldn’t prefer to spend a fortune on airplane tickets and hotel just to see a wall that is no longer “there.” Who knows that Berlin is the capital of Germany anyway? I mean, we think UK, and London comes to mind. We think France, and Paris comes to mind. We think Italy, and Rome comes to mind. And vice versa. Well, you get the picture. Berlin just doesn’t have the same allure as those famous touristy places.

This better be as good as it looks!


I got pretty worried when I went to the local bookstore, and couldn’t find any exclusive guidebook on Berlin or Germany. Heyy! I thought. Why couldn’t I find ベルリン among the 地球の歩き方(Globetrotter in Japanese) series?!! Don’t tell me that they ran out of stock???


So I checked the online store for guidebooks on Germany or Berlin. And voila! I heaved a sigh of relief when I found several books on Berlin. I chose the book with the title, “Time Out Berlin.” I’ve yet to peruse through the book – I intend to read it more seriously on the plane. That is, if Aya would give me enough time to read it. Grin! Why even need a guidebook? Well, when you’re traveling with a toddler and you only got one week to explore the neighborhood, using a guidebook is the next best thing to getting a personal tourguide.


Well, anyways, I’ve got to get back to packing our stuffs and last-minute checking of the things we have to bring with us, so I’ll bid you all sayonara for now. We’re leaving early tomorrow morning. Yay!


Hopefully, I’d be able to blog while in Berlin to give you a blow-by-blow account of our adventures there. And to all the readers of this blog and my online kaberks, forgive me if I would be slow in replying to your comments and being MIA in bloghopping for a while.


Mmm, I could already taste the frankfurters…haha. See you again from another time zone! Bis später!

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13 Responses to Bound for Berlin

  1. auee says:

    wow lucky you, you get to bring your kid along
    Bon Voyage!

  2. pining says:

    hear , hear … the life of a jet setter, eh :-)
    Lucky indeed! bring home the sausage (or frankfurter) :-)
    Au revoir !

  3. snglguy says:

    Have a safe trip, Kathy. And Godspeed…

    Since you’ll be in Germany anyway, you can drop by Austria along the way and do a Julie Andrews on that hill… “The hills are aliiive, with the sound of music”, o di ba? 😀

  4. Gina says:

    Have a safe and wonderful trip Kathy! Enjoy what Germany has to offer ! Looking forward to that blow by blow account 😉

  5. annamanila says:

    When I click to your site .. a concret wall appears … ganun kaya ang Berlin Wall? It is very very historid di ba? I dunno what’s left of the Berlin wall when te Germanies reunited. now you tell us.

    Have a good, safe, fun and bloggable trip, Kathy. Galing naman ng phto gimik with Aya. lol

  6. Toe says:

    Have a wonderful vacation Kathy! Go and visit the Cathedral in Cologne. So beautiful! Careful on the beer. :)

  7. herb says:

    sayang di oktoberfest! hehehe… have fun in germany!

  8. Belle says:

    have a pleasant trip Kathy! make sure to take pictures of famous landmarks and sceneries and share them with us.

  9. rhodora says:

    Hope you have a nice time, Kathy! And promise to show us loads of pictures when you get back! :)

  10. Gypsy says:

    Some of nationalities I love to work with are Germans! :) Hope you enjoy your trip and getting to know more about the culture…and drink their famous beer??? :)

  11. verns says:

    Hey Kat! Have a safe and happy trip!

    Looking forward to your posts about the trip :)

    take care…

  12. niceheart says:

    Wow Berlin! Have never been there either. Have fun on your trip. :)

  13. bw says:

    I’ve been to Germany in the 80’s when Pinoys didn’t need a visa at that time and Berlin was still communist :) Was just at Frankfurt and visited the Rhine and an some old castles :)

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