Aya, the Photo(e)grapher

Ever since Aya discovered how to operate the digital camera, she has taken quite a liking to taking pictures of anything and everything. I’m so grateful that film cameras are a thing of the past (no offense to those who still own and use one!), because I don’t have to worry about her using up all the film and wasting a lot of shots. Aren’t you just grateful how digital cameras revolutionized the way we take photos nowadays? Even children can practice their skills on a digicam.

No, I took this photo, hehe. I just thought I’d include Aya’s photo here because she looks so cute in it. 😉

In one of our latest family outings, I discovered how handy this little photographer could be, particularly when it was just the two of us gallivanting around. I could just give her the camera and ask her to take my solo picture. Here’s an example:

Aya was sitting on the stroller when she took this photo.

Not bad for a four year old, eh? No more need to ask for strangers to take pictures of us.

Aya also likes taking pictures at home, like those of her stuffed toys, her scrawlings on paper, even us, whom she obliges to pose for the camera. One time she wrote the word “LOVE” on several pieces of paper, taped them to various places in the house like the garbage can, door, bookshelf, etc….and then, she took pictures of each of them! But what she really loves is taking pictures of…her feet. Don’t ask me why. She also takes pictures of our feet, sometimes while we are not looking or doing something else. She takes fascination after her chubby feet, or toes, probably in pretty much the same way as Tita Toe does. :) Here are some of them:

Up in the air, you two!
Same set of feet, different time. Oops, a little blurry there.
Playing with light and shadows…and foot.

Now here’s a classic shot:

Just peeking out.

Believe me, we all had a good laugh out of that picture! 😀

Indulge me a few questions:
1. Whose foot was that? (You have to choose among myself, Baggy, and Aya.)
2. Which side was it, left or right?
3. Guess how the foot was made to look that way.

The first one who gets all the correct answers will get a prize! Yep, wherever in the world you may be. I’ll mail it to ya. Have fun! 😉

*13 March 2007 Update: So far, nobody has given the correct answers to all three. Most of you gave 1 or 2 correct answers (uh, duh…hehe). Anyway, I’m extending this until Friday, March 16. If no one gets all the correct answers, I’ll just choose the person who gave the closest or funniest answers, lol. Oh yeah, if you want to try other answers or combinations, feel free to do so. ‘la naman daw limit, according to Tita V. :)*

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40 Responses to Aya, the Photo(e)grapher

  1. hazel says:

    Ang cute ni Aya!

    hmmm…nag analyze ako…sana ako manalo!
    1. it think it wasn’t Aya’s foot…i guess it yours.
    2. right foot
    3. nakadapa ka or lying on your side

    tama ako? atat eh! :)

  2. dimaks says:

    hehe, future flickrs member :) as for the question:

    1. your’s or baggy’s foot
    2. right foot
    3. lying on the side

  3. kathy says:

    Hehe, thanks Hazel! Marami rin nagsasabi na kamukha ko yan. I therefore conclude… 😛

    Will give the answers later! 😉

  4. kathy says:

    Hmm, puede Flickr member…gawan ko na kaya ng account habang maaga? 😛

  5. annamanila says:

    Wild guess — naka indian-sit sa bed si Aya, may towel/cloth sa lap nya, tapos she leaned over and took a picture of her right foot.

    it has to be something a little bit out of the ordinary .. that’s what i am certain of.

    VEry cute e-photographer!

  6. Gina says:

    Cute,cute,cute! Aya looks so healthy,too,look at that nice shiny hair!

    Last night ko pa nakita itong pictures at matagal ko ring pinag-isipan =P, so sana ako ang manalo (hehehe)

    1.)Foot mo yan! A little too big to be Aya’s
    2.)Right foot
    3.)you were lying on your right with the kumot

  7. bw says:

    hehe.. National Geographic watch out for this little girl :) Funny because my daughter also asked her mom for a digital camera ! Kids nowadays are playing with serious toys :)

  8. pining says:

    wow, ang cute cute naman ni Aya! kanino mana?
    1. yours?
    2. is it, er, right?
    3. lying on your right, me thinks :-)

  9. Mon says:

    Ganda naman ang Aya wow cute na cute. Mukha nga yatang mag mamana sa kanyang tita Toe at pati na ang pose ay kuhang kuha.

    Watch out, lugi kayo kay Aya pag laki niya. Bloggista slash Scientist slash Model pa yata ang magiging career.

    Marunong na ba magsulat? papa-autograph na ako ngayon baka pag sikat na hindi na makapansin.

    Oh Yeah, bago ko makalimutan. Si Aya is just half of your reason to make it through the day, siempre si baggy yung other half. Kaya ingat lagi work :)

  10. Zherwin says:

    ang cute naman ni aya. marunong talagang kumuha ng pics, on your pic taken by her, naisentro ka nya with the doors, tapos idagdag pa yung pillars. wow!

    she can also be a very good subject on kids’ shoot, marunong mag-project! me future model pa!

    now, on your questions:
    1. it was aya’s.
    2. right foot
    3. tricky, pero i think someone’s sitting..

  11. dimaks says:

    oo, pati sa tabblo at webshots.. hehehe bagong trend yan, I think. Kids photo blog ika nga.

  12. verns says:

    ahhhhhhh..hindi pa ba ako late? hehe

    firstly cutiepie ni Aya..very charming :)

    ok here you go sago!

    1. kay aya
    2. left
    3. lying on your right

    another guess:

    1. yours
    2. left
    3. lying on your right

    another guess:

    1. baggy’s
    2. right
    3. lying on your left

    Gawd! daming probability! obvious na gusto ko ng prize lolz :) pag mali ibulong mo para post pa ako ibang answer…di mo naman sinabi kasi na may limit hahaha joke!

  13. hazel says:

    …pareho kayong cute?! pati hati ng hair pareho kayo! kanino pa nga ba magmamana?! ang cute ng smile ni Aya!

  14. snglguy says:

    Awww, she’s so cute! Makes me want to have one of my own too… although malas na lang pag kamukha ko. 😀

  15. kathy says:

    Hindi nga?!! I guess it’s never too early to let children start developing their hobbies. :)

  16. kathy says:

    Hahaha! Para namang contortionist si Aya niyan ha! :) :)

  17. kathy says:

    You’re very observant! It was only when you mentioned it that I took a really good look at the photo – super shiny hair nga. Dove yung shampoo niyan, wala pa lagay na conditioner, hehe. I guess children are naturally blessed with shiny-looking hair! 😉

  18. kathy says:

    Ehem, ehem! Hindi na ako cute, “acute” na ako ngayon, according to my wicked sisters. Pero totoo, pareho kami ng hair niyan, sobrang manipis yung strands. Yun nga lang, yung sa akin eh naging kulay kalawang na, hahah. :)

  19. kathy says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Nong kabataan ko ni wala pa computer or cellphone. Kids these days, they’re going hitech! Hey, might be a good idea to lend your digicam to your daughter for a while and see what she can do with it. :)

  20. kathy says:

    Thanks pining! Gusto ko i-claim na mana sa ‘kin yan, pero share daw kami don ni Baggy don sa genes niya. 😛

  21. kathy says:

    Hey Mon thanks for the compliments! Dami namang “slash” don, sigurado ka she won’t end up as a horror flick director heheh. Just kidding. :)

    Yes marunong na siya magsulat! She can write her name. Ikaw talaga, autograph agad, lol.

    Touched naman ako sa sinabi mo. Thanks for reminding me. That’s so nice of you to say. On a lighter note, they’re also the reason why I have to make it through the day…ako kasi tagaluto ng mga yan sa gabi, hahaha. I need to have all my body parts with me. 😀

  22. kathy says:

    Thanks Zherwin! Yup, I was surprised myself when her pictures turned out quite alright. You know, no “chopped” heads or really weird shots.

    Oo nga, puede gawing subject yan. Palangiti kasi kahit sa hindi kakilala. In our travels, ilang beses nga kami nilalapitan ng mga kapwa turista at gusto kunan ng picture si Aya! O di ba! Proud na proud ang lola mo heheh. :)

  23. kathy says:

    Nope! Open pa dahil wala pa nananalo. Masyado bang mahirap tong contest ko, hehe.

    You’re right, wala naman akong binigay na limit. Nakakatuwa ka naman ang dami mo answers. Masaya sana kung merong kahit isa tumama ano? 😛

  24. kathy says:

    Thanks snglguy! ‘lam mo kahit nagtatantrums yan cute pa rin, hehe.
    Ba’t naman malas? Naku, you should show us your face so we can be the judge of that! 😛

  25. dimaks says:

    yep, im not kidding :) create for her an account and upload the photos she takes.

  26. hazel says:

    wala pang nananalo?…hmmm

    another guess…

    1. Aya’s foot
    2. right foot
    3. sitting (cross legs)


    verns, gusto ko din manalo! 😀

  27. raquel says:

    galing naman ni aya!! next time photoshop naman ang i explore nyan! gusto ko din maki guess

    1. aya’s foot
    2. right one
    3. on an indian sit position where she can photograph it herself.

    yay! sana tama! haha! ala na bang clue?

  28. kathy says:

    Hey Hazel, you could very well win for…persistence! Hehehe!!! 😉

    Tell you what, you got 2 out of 3. Konting hirit na langgg… 😛

  29. kathy says:

    Doc Raqx! Thanks for the compliments! Sige, tuturuan ko rin ng photoshop hehehe. :)

    Ok clue…please see my reply to Hazel (9.1.1).

    Alam mo I visited your blog several times already, di ko lang maleave ang comment ko kasi wala naman akong Blogger/Google account. Di mo ba papalitan yung settings? :)

  30. hazel says:

    baggy’s foot! 😀

  31. kathy says:

    Ang GALING ng deduction mo kid! :) As they say in Japanese:

    Omedetou gozaimasu!

    Congrats! Oops, sorry na lang Verns. Naunahan ka ni Hazel, may fairy na kasi siyang nakadikit sa kanya eh hehehe. :)
    Will contact you shortly ’bout your prize…:)

  32. I agree about digital camera being economical so even kids can learn photography without shelling out some cash from your pocket. I admire your kid. She’s talented, I know…
    Sila na lang ang mag-guess. Parang ang hirap manghula :)

  33. lai says:

    my fooooot! mine! mine! mine! hehe. sorry retard mode. ;p

  34. kathy says:

    Wow, thanks a lot! I really do hope she gets to practice more – actually she won’t get much supervision from myself and my husband, as we are not really much into photography stuff. :)

    Thanks for visiting, Dodong! :)

  35. kathy says:

    Lai! Huli man daw ang magaling…

    Huli pa rin. 😛

  36. Jaypee says:

    It’s nice that Aya is taking an interest in photography in such a young age. Who knows, she might become a professional photographer someday and or have her photoblog in a few years time. Hehe 😀

    Btw, she’s not only cute..she’s pretty. Kanino kaya nagmana? :)

  37. kathy says:

    Actually I’m seriously considering getting a Flickr account for her (as Dimaks suggested) so I can post her pics there. Yeah, who knows, maybe in the future she will really be into photography, eh?

    Thanks for the compliment! Potential heartbreaker yan, ehem ehem. 😉

  38. rhodora says:

    Ang cute ni Aya! Parang may pagka-showbiz kung mag pose.. hehehe.. At ang nanay, cute din! Siyempre pa!

  39. kathy says:

    Uy thanks! :) Pangshowbiz talaga, hehe. Feeling stage mother na nga ako. 😉

  40. Leah says:

    ay …namiss ko ito. twas fun huh.

    Well, I just want to say that Aya looks really cute and pretty in that photo.

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