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Getting Old

Hahh, what a week! I had to disengage myself from blogging activities in order to concentrate on other more pressing matters. Matters like making a presentation in a conference, writing and submitting my proposals, rewriting a paper for a journal, … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Coffee Drinker

Coffeeholics Anonymous is now in session. Hi, I’m Kathy, and I’m a coffee drinker. I can skip breakfast entirely, but never my coffee. I also drink one cup of coffee right after lunch, just to perk me up in my … Continue reading

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Have you ever had your hair cut against your will? Because I have had my hair cut, oh-so-many times, by my own mother. I used to run away from her and lock myself in our bedroom, with her furiously running … Continue reading

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A Sorta Fairytale

Have you ever felt attraction to someone who seems so wrong for you, someone who’s exactly your opposite, or someone who just wouldn’t fit into your accepted scheme of things? I recently saw this video at YouTube, and inspite of … Continue reading

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Sulat Kay Daddy

Dear Daddy, Alam mo kagabi napanaginipan kita. Wala ka raw sakit. At kung sa anong dahilan, ang saya-saya mo raw. Nagluto ka pa nga. Hindi ko lang maalala kung saang bahay ba tayo nandon, pero parang bahay ata natin. Bahay … Continue reading

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Aya, the Photo(e)grapher – The Conclusion!

Many thanks to everyone who posted their answers to the questions in my previous post. Whew, I almost thought nobody would get the correct answers! Fortunately, Hazel was very persistent (aside from being the first one to post her comment, … Continue reading

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Aya, the Photo(e)grapher

Ever since Aya discovered how to operate the digital camera, she has taken quite a liking to taking pictures of anything and everything. I’m so grateful that film cameras are a thing of the past (no offense to those who … Continue reading

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All in a Day’s Work

When… you’re feeling blue and depressed at your job you feel like your friends got better jobs (heck, you want THEIR job!) you think that you are absolutely not where you are supposed to be …and most of all you … Continue reading

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On Watching Movies

There is nothing like going out to watch a movie – for two or three hours one can forget about life’s annoyances, troubles, aches, anything. Within this brief period one can get immersed in the lives of other people, experience … Continue reading

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What a Happy Fusion!

There was a time when I thought I could be an artist. And indeed, for a while, I thought that that dream was lost, until I found my inspiration again. So I started tinkering with the AFM (atomic force microscopy)-acquired … Continue reading

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