Ten Things to Do When Stuck in Traffic

We’re baaaaccckkkkkkkkkk!!! 😀

We had so much fun making the first episode of “The K Zone,” we just have to follow it up with another. I’m kinda amazed at how much we have loosened up in this second episode. Maybe it’s the topic. Or maybe we’re really getting the hang of it. You be the judge.

Show notes: We discuss some fun and crazy ways to do when stuck in traffic. Think of the loooooong hours on EDSA, or Quezon Avenue, or…wherever. Image shown above was taken from www.trekearth.com.[podcast: “uploads/Podcast/episode2.mp3”]

Oh by the way, we would like to thank everyone who posted comments and sent in their feedback via email. We appreciate it! :)

Music credits:
Poprocks & Coke
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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Hot Hot Heat
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18 Responses to Ten Things to Do When Stuck in Traffic

  1. Mon says:

    wow, I’m glad I ran into this podcast.

    It’s something to look forward to and hope that the next time I’m stuck in traffic that I’d be right next to you guys. It will be so cool to see someone talking to a noodle.

    this is rad :)

  2. dimaks says:

    its so disgusting to get stuck in traffic and the other passengers emit those very unique smell 😛

  3. verns says:

    syempre hindi ko mapakinggan ang podcast coz my boss is here hehe

    Anyway I wonder kelan mawawala traffic dito or kung mawawala pa :(

  4. kathy says:

    Thanks Mon! :)
    That would be my evil sister – and she does talk to her (cup) noodle before she eats it. What a weirdo! lol

    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. kathy says:

    Oh you’re absolutely right! Sometimes your only solution is to make sure you ride the aircon bus…but sometimes even the buses have this pungent, weird smell. :(

  6. kathy says:

    hehe oks lang verns!
    Don’t fret Verns…even places like Tokyo have traffic congestions. When I go to Tsukuba by highway bus, sobrang tagal din dahil sa traffic!

  7. Belle says:

    Basta ba merong cute hunky driver in sight, I don’t mind getting stuck on the traffic, di ba? Just kidding.

  8. dimaks says:

    dito nga sa tsukuba, bisikleta na nga lang sa loob ng campus, may congestion pa rin hehehe.. kathy knows it.

  9. kathy says:

    Belle – oh, nasty! :)
    But you’re right, you know…I mean, what’s there to do on a traffic jam, anyway? If there’s someone you can ogle at, it might help pass the time. 😛

  10. kathy says:

    Huh? teka, dimaks, di ko ata alam yan, hehe. You mean nagkakaroon ng “congestion” sa Tsuku-U because of bicycles?

    And while I’m at it, what say you about the traffic congestion sa Pinas? Are there some measures we can adopt? Is NCTS proposing any?

  11. niceheart says:

    You two are crazy together. :)

    I do talk to myself, and I’d like to say that I talk to myself only in my mind. But I’ve caught myself talking out loud when there are people around. Quite embarrassing. :)

  12. bw says:

    Love the stripping part :) LOL.. Speaking to yourself or pretending to orate would be a good way to pass time in traffic – provided tinted ang salamin ng kotse mo at baka makita ka ng madla :)

  13. kathy says:

    Yep, we’re pretty wacky sisters. Wait till you hear the THREE of us…:P Just kidding.

    Me too! Many Japanese talk to themselves loudly…nahahawa ako.

  14. kathy says:

    Tinted windows would really be called for in case of #3, hehe! 😀

    I wonder, has anybody tried ordering pizza while stuck in traffic? It’s not entirely impossible, is it?

  15. dimaks says:

    And while I’m at it, what say you about the traffic congestion sa Pinas? Are there some measures we can adopt? Is NCTS proposing any?

    Sad to know, when it comes to the implementing body, things have to enter the political side of things.. i think there have been a bunch of measures proposed thru studies and researches.

  16. kathy says:

    It must be frustrating to make proposals and policies only to have them blocked by the implementing body because of political reasons. How else can we progress?

  17. lai says:

    who are these two morons? eh? eh? hehehe. they sound so cool! 😛

  18. kathy says:

    Look at the moon, girl. :)

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