Thinking of Sunshine, Flowers and Angels

All children go through a so-called “artist” phase. Families have their fair share of drawings on papers, cardboards, walls, refrigerators, and unfortunately, even blankets, sheets and clothes. Aya is also fond of drawing herself. Her scrawly drawings have steadily progressed from incomprehensible doodles to visibly recognizable characters.

Fortunately for us now, we can simply scan the drawings and preserve them in electronic form. I wish this had been available decades ago, when I was also going through my artist phase. Much to my dismay, my mom hated clutters in the house and promptly threw everything away. Wouldn’t it be fun to take a look at some of the stuff that I drew as a child? I bet anyone would be just as curious to see “artifacts” from their growing-up years. After all, we are children only once in our lives.

Enjoy some of Aya’s four-year old drawings below.

The sun is out (just like today), and the flowers are happily soaking in the warmth.
I asked Aya why there is a circle on the girl’s head. She told me that’s because she’s an angel. Huh? Angel? She picked that up from the daycare? I find this quite surprising.
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3 Responses to Thinking of Sunshine, Flowers and Angels

  1. kurokurokoto says:

    hi kathy! i can’t tell pa. feb 2 pa kasi iyung awarding. and bawal pa namin i-anunsyo na nanalo kami. please pakitanggal muna (if nilagay nyo siya) sa website. thanks.

  2. kathy says:

    hi! ok sige natanggal na hehe.

  3. lai says:

    niiiceee. i hope its not just a phase but something that will blossom into one of her great skills. 😉 You see in my case, i started with fields and nature now i cant figure out why the hell am i leaning towards absurd psychedelic sketches of leaves, tears, whirls and… yay, dont get me started on evil looking eyes. oh boy.

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