Happy 4th Bday Aya!

Our little girl just turned 4. Parang kailan lang na nag-rush kami sa Shoji for the delivery, now she’s totally different from that red, bawling thing we took back home. :)

Our celebration for her 4th birthday is nothing fancy. Just went to a restaurant nearby, her favorite. Then we gave her a birthday cake, courtesy of the local bakery. Just for fun, we picked out an Anpanman character cake. Aya heartily ate Anpanman’s “brains.” Is it no wonder that Anpanman’s brains is nothing but sponge? Hahaha!

Anpanman cake! See that big smile on her face.

Happy birthday to our dearest one, li’l Princess Aya. You make everything worthwhile. Keep your light shining for the rest of the world. We will always be here for you.

Always proud parents,
Nanay and Tatay

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yehey! for aya chan! kanino kaya yan nagmana?! hmm… hehe

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