Aya and the Red Juice

Have you ever seen a red juice? Well, sure, as in “red” tomato juice, like the ones from Kagome. But a red-colored orange juice? Well, we sure haven’t seen anything like it, until we visited Italy.

Careful not to spill any on your shirt!!!

We were at this restaurant for lunch, and for Aya we ordered orange juice. When the guy brought it, we were so shocked to find bloody red juice instead of the usual orange color. We thought that the guy made a mistake, so we called him back and asked, “What is this?” The guy probably looked at us in a weird way (my back was turned, so I couldn’t see his face), and said matter-of-factly, “Orange juice!” We couldn’t contain our laughter. Wait, I told Aya, let me taste it first – we were still skeptic. I tasted it, and it did taste like the orange juice I know.

In this picture you can see Aya sipping a large wine glass with the red orange juice. Bottoms up!

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