Sleepless in Seattle

Baggy is sleepless in Seattle – literally! Pano 16 hours ba naman ang difference between Washington and Japan. He will be there ’till Friday, and will be back to Japan on Saturday. Balik Narita na naman kami.

True to our decision this year, we are now picky about which places to visit. We took one look at the Seattle tourism websites, and decided, nah. We’ll take a rain check. Not even Ichiro can make us. Hehe.

But that rain check may have to be used this coming August. By some weird coincidence, ASC this year will be held in Seattle, at exactly the same convention center where Baggy’s conference (ISMRM) is currently being held. Will I go solo then? Abangan. Masarap na mahirap na magtravel kasama ang pamilya. Pero sigurado enjoy yun palagi. 😀

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