I Love Spring!

Except for the inevitable kafun (pollen) that’s making the air toxic for hay fever sufferers like us, spring is really a wonderful time to go outdoors and enjoy the cool breeze, smell the flowers, celebrate the end of winter. It still is a bit chilly this time of year, but the sakura (cherry blossoms) are already in full bloom. I doubt if they would survive the end of the week, though.

Yesterday we attended a very interesting hanami (literally means flower watching, but is really a convenient excuse to party and drink booze for some people). The weather was not cooperating at all; it rained just about the time when we were barbecuing. Pinoys, resourceful as ever, used the plastic “latag” as a makeshift tent so everybody can still eat the barbecue even with the pouring rain. The sun came out after an hour or so of rain.

But today, oh, the weather was simply great, and we all took our bicycles and went to the park. It is high time for some physical activity to melt the winter fat accumulating around our middles. While in the park we enjoyed a delightful sight of flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere. We sniffed the air, unmindful of the pollen, and breathed the warm breeze. Wonderful. This is life. :)

I thought I’d post here some colorful flower pics for guests like you to enjoy. Well, enjoy! :)

Lovely, aren’t they? Enjoy them while they last. Next weekend, they’re goners.
Spring just isn’t complete without the good ol’ tulips. But after seeing the gazillions of tulips at Hitachi Seaside Park last year, I think I’d seen enough tulips to last me a lifetime. :)
I really don’t know what this flower is called. Looks like a wild one. But it’s really pretty, isn’t it? If there’s somebody out there who knows what this is called, I’d appreciate it if you would let me know!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    meron din dito nyan!! kala nyo ha… hehe di nga lang accessible all the time :(

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