It’s My Day!

I wrote in my diary a year ago – “Growing old is everyone’s business. There will always be someone younger than you, and always someone older than you. The point is not in comparing your age to someone else’s, but in comparing yourself now to yourself as you were years ago. How much you have changed in the years that passed is what matters.”

Today I feel nostalgic of sorts, because today marks the 10th year since I last spent my birthday together with my family in the Philippines. Fortunately, I’ve got my own family here in Japan – Baggy, Aya, and with Mommy as a “bonus,” heheh. Plus the friends and other acquaintances I’ve made – Japanese, Filipinos, and other foreign friends. They’re as much as my family now.

I’m not much into gifts, but well, I’ve just received my early gifts on this day. One is a humongous card from Mom and my sisters. The other is another flower “shower” from Baggy! Sobrang daming roses, hay – I have to use three flower vases to contain them all! A word of advice to all single women out there – if you’re looking for a lifetime partner, look for someone who will give you flowers not when he is wooing you, but someone who will still give you flowers way after you’re married. Di ba?

So much to be thankful for, so much to look forward to. I know this year will be GREAT.

See how big it is???
Don’t expect any gifts. Right. Thanks for the reminder! haha
I’m a sucker for red roses. Kung puede lang kainin tong rose na to, kakainin ko eh.
Petit pink roses!
Well, I do want one gift for my birthday – a digital SLR camera! Heheh! I’m tired of using point-and-shoot cameras and would really, really love to experiment with a “real” camera.
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One Response to It’s My Day!

  1. lai says:

    happy birthday uli! kahit ngayon lang ako nagcomment.. what can i say… si ate let ka pa rin.. kahit doctor ka na, kahit may aya, kahit may kuya baggy, kahit ano pa… si ate let pa rin kita.. hehe big sister… echo ni daddy.. number one sa pagcongrats sa aking mga “accomplishments”…. laging support financially sa akin (kelan kaya ung ako naman no?)…. minsan ateng-ate magsalita.. minsan parang clone ni daddy.. minsan wicked… pero madalas parang barkada lang. hehe. salamat sa lahat. ur life is a blessing to us… mukhang masaya naman ung birthday mo.. haha.. sana nandyan din kami. heheh..

    ja! omedetto gozaimasu! *mwah*


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