Into 2006 – Our Year!

I remember my late Auntie Betty, who used to scoff at other people who refer to this year and that year as the year of the cat, dog, rooster, whatever. What rubbish, she said, because every year is God’s year. Shame on those who call it otherwise, she would add. I was too young to understand then what she was fussing about. Well, I guess we all have the right to call any year whatever we want. But for myself, I would prefer to call this year as “Our Year.”

We have so many projects, so many travels and plans in store for this year. During our family gathering on New Year’s eve, we prayed together for all our plans this year. As they say, we’ll do our best, let God take care of the rest. :)

Ang sarap ng feeling ng kasama ang mga mahal sa buhay. Talagang sulit ang uwing Pilipinas. Tumaba kaming lahat sa kakakain.

So here’s a toast to the year ahead – to life, success, wealth, health, and more blessings.

Aya has learned to draw, and almost everyday when we pick her up at the daycare, she would hand us some drawings she did while waiting. Here is a drawing of our family. From the left: Aya, Tatay, and the one with the pig-nose is supposedly me, Nanay (sigh).
She has also learned to write her name! A-Y-A spells Aya! :)
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3 Responses to Into 2006 – Our Year!

  1. jeanet bagarinao says:

    very good aya ah! :-) pero napansin ko lang aya bakit mas malaki ang drawing mo kay nanay mo kaysa kay tatay mo! hehhehe!;-) ok na din pagsulat mo ng name mo ha.. hindi na *aay*..hehehe

  2. aya says:

    hello tita jeanet,
    salamat po! pag nagkita ulit tayo i-sketch ko rin kayo ni tito icky. 😛


  3. Anonymous says:

    clap..clap… yan ang batang jollibee! :)

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