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Striving for Greatness

In the media, doctors in the philippines are making headlines due to their mass exodus to work abroad as nurses. In this particular article which I read in the Inquirer, a top surgeon who was making P100,000 a month still … Continue reading

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Supraventricular What???

“SPVC,” the doctor said. “Supraventricular, ahm…contraction. I’ll go look up what “P” stands for,” he added in Japanese. Actually, he didn’t have to. I knew what the word was. I have already done my homework. Cautiously I suggested that the … Continue reading

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I’ve been attending ISS (International Symposium on Superconductivity) since 1998. This symposium, organized by ISTEC, is held annually in Japan. This year, though, happens to be a rather special year, because for the first time, members of the CMPL (Condensed … Continue reading

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