A Day at the Beach

We missed going out last Monday (July 18 ), a national holiday here in Japan, called “Umi no Hi” or “Marine Day.” Last Sunday, we finally had the chance to visit the beach in Chiba, Hasunuma Kaigan, about 2 hours away by car from Tsukuba.

Seems like they were the only two persons having fun on the beach. Watch out for those nasty waves!

There are two reasons why I am not so keen about going to the beach: 1) I hate the sun, and I don’t like being baked under the sun; and 2) beaches in the Philippines are way much better than here in Japan. This side of the Pacific ocean is not tamed; and I would much rather stay on shore and build sand castles. And I just recently discovered, there is one another annoying thing – they ask everyone to stay away from the water from 12:00-12:30. For safety reasons, apparently. Hey, just look at those nasty waves, anyone would be crazy to jump in the water anyway. It was just like that time when we went to a public swimming pool in the park. We were in the middle of enjoying our swim, when they asked everyone to leave the pool for about 30 minutes. Duh.

Aya enjoyed the beach, anyway. She had fun just running away from the waves, screaming her heart out. She had fun stomping all over the sand structures we made. Mommy made her “singhot” of the “fresh air.”

I love this photo I took of her and Baggy. Father and daughter having a great time at the beach. I remember those times when as a kid Daddy would bring me to Antique. We would swim in the nearby lake (or something like a murky pond hehe) or go to the beach.

We went back home with sand sticking to our toes and with a bit of a sunburn. I have to make Baggy promise me that we will visit a damn beautiful beach when we go back to the Philippines. 8)

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2 Responses to A Day at the Beach

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi cathy and baggy, dont know your email so i decided to post it here. i hope you dont mind if i post some of Aya’s pics in my phlog.ive requested romar to forward the rest of the sportsfest pics to the egroups naman.
    you can check some of aya’s pics here:

    ps.nice site

  2. lai says:

    i hate the sun too. i hate the crabs.. and i dont know how to swim.. yeah, the “singhot” part is pretty fun.

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