It’s alive!!!

Yesssss! Buhay na po ang aming blogsite. I’ve been thinking about having this in our site for quite a while now, although we never really got around to doing it until now. I’ve had my reservations about blogging online, because I also keep a private “electronic” diary which is of course where I pour all my thoughts and ideas and what-have-you. My sister tells me it’s sort of therapeutic (at least for her)–in this wired world, it’s the closest thing to having a 24-h online friend who will listen to all your woes and joys.

Let me explain the name for this site (for the sake of any non-Filipinos who happen to drop by). “Salamin” is a Filipino word that means both “mirror” and “glass.” Blogs are like that, mirror reflections of what we are, what we think.

Singapore looks inviting!

I’ve just submitted my abstract online to the ICMAT-IUMRS-ICAM 2005 conference which will be held in July in Singapore. I was thinking about not going anymore, but then I finally got some noteworthy results some two weeks back. I consulted our group leader, and he gave me the go-ahead to write the abstract. Here’s the url of the conference:

Notification of acceptance of abstract will be within this month. Here’s crossing my fingers!

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